The new Sol Selectas Summer Sol compilation has landed in our midst and the timing is just right.

This week marks the day where the sun takes the longest path throughout the year, the summer solstice. June 20th holds the most daylight we’ll see all year! To celebrate the solar energy touching us all, Sabo’s renown imprint ‘Sol Selectas’ will be dropping the awaited yearly Summer Sol Compilation. This one is filled with unique gems by the likes of Namito, Derûn, Mark Alow and Sabo himself, among many more.

A trip of a tracklist

The tracklist features music from over twenty different countries and lyrics in a wide palette of languages.

The 30 part compilation covers a flavorful range of styles and tempo, from melodic house to meditative electronica, embalmed with rich percussive textures. The stream of sounds struck us, and it it’s an absolute pleasure to feature one of these as a premiere on our channel.

The EP’s concept is a celebration of world culture, regardless of skin colour, gender or social background… Sol Selectas’s motto is that we are all equal under the light of the sun.


We particularly enjoyed Sabo’s Vimana featuring Helia Jamani, a tune with an instant outer space feel. We were submerged by the deep chanting from Alvaro Suarez & MoM’s Legends. Namito’s High Mountain’ bring his classic rolling downtempo sound to this incredible pack. Guy Maayan’s Ancient Past holds a hyponotic spacey yet jungly feeling. The compilation also takes us through a mind-bending oriental trip with sharp stabbing basslines on Karmaa’s Oudeaoligy. Lastly, Watt The Fox’s Teneghil N’Âir brings fresh organica from Western Africa touch to this delightful spread of songs.

It hits stores on June 19th, which is just around the time of this global date around the sun.