Pete Philips; a Montreal live electronic artists who built himself a studio in the Laurentian mountains, has always caught our eye for when it comes to using art to explore a new way of thinking. We need more artists who break boundaries and seek to explore new depths that can help reshape the way we experience art. Let’s dive into what Pete’s been cooking.

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Machine Born is the indie publishing outlet of Pete Philips, merging sci-fi inspired storytelling with new-wave guitar riffs and edgy synthesis.

I find it simpler for my brain to picture a physical space, a world, a theme, in order to keep focused and not scatter. Initially, Model YX-259 was just a cool-sounding line that I put into my lyrics for the song Machine Born. Later, I built the Model YX-259 as a sort of AI-powered Wiki for all my ideas. You can talk with it, but its still a bit rudimentary.

I’m exploring a different take that is opposite of Skynet Terminator story.

Machine Born envisions the future of society when merging AI with the human brain is commonplace. in 2543, Human world population declined to 2 billion and Sentinel machines became the labour force of the Earth. is the “memory module”—the brain interface—of such robot.

Pete Philips live machine born strangers

The first release—Strangers—is out now on all platforms.

01 “Strangers” | Journeys into the contrasting sounds of lo-fi drums and rattly synthesizers, the song is guided by a mystifying arpeggio that evolves alongside Pete’s whispered, tension- building vocals.

02 “Wireframe” | Merges the feelings of nostalgia with futuristic beats, designed to keep the dance floor moving.

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