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Mohii Takes Us on Trip with his new mix!

In this day & age, it’s hard to find artists that stand out, especially with how simple it got to use dj tools and the ease for some of using social platforms. It’s important we remember why we need to listen to artists who strive to be different musically, and try to push limits instead […]

Hot Oasis, Husa & Zeyada Release “Fakr” A New Nostalgic Arabic Club Track!

This song captured a special moment in time, marking the first official collaboration between two artists, Husa & Zeyada & Hot Oasis. The two artists share a intertwined story as Hot Oasis was the reason Husa & Zeyada met at first & discovered their creative space & studio in Dahab, Egypt.  This track fills a […]

Pete Philips launches new project ‘Machine Born’

Pete Philips; a Montreal live electronic artists who built himself a studio in the Laurentian mountains, has always caught our eye for when it comes to using art to explore a new way of thinking. We need more artists who break boundaries and seek to explore new depths that can help reshape the way we […]

A Journey to the Origin of Sound.

Sinai Chronicles; For thousands of years, music accompanied the humans on their journey on this planet earth. Many attribute the emergence of language -as a means of communication- to the early man trying to mimic the sound of animals in his environment, animals used sounds to call for mating, to warn from enemies or even […]

Interview | Hernan Cattaneo

When you’re commonly known as El Maestro in the industry, there must be one, or a thousand reasons for that. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1965, Hernan Cattaneo has established his presence as a pillar and originator of electronic music. Read on for an exclusive interview with Hernan and a look back onto his […]

Interview | Timo Maas: Be Strange!

Born 1969, in Bückerberg, a Lower Saxony small town of Germany, home to the beautiful Bückerberg Palace and where Johann Sebastian Bach is said to have spent most of his life, Timo Maas first started DJing age 13 and by the time he was 17, was playing in clubs. Having remixed legendary artists such as […]

Pieter & Maxim from Stavroz launch new “Shady” band project

Shady is a new band on the block, comprised of Pieter De Meester and Maxim Helincks. Both of these guys bring lots of music scene experience to the table, previously playing with bands such as King Dalton, DVKES, Statue, Aedo… This list keeps on. For the last few years, this energetic duo toured the world […]

AEMCON Interview | Dunmore Park on the Canadian Electronic Music Industry

Earlier this summer, the multifaceted organizers behind Alberta’s Electronic Music Conference whipped up a brand new digital summit under a short timeline and spinning circumstances. The Virtual Electronic Music Summit (VEMS) snowballed into 4 days of panels, workshops, sets and conversations energized by the music industry’s changing realities. VEMS touched on a diversity of topics […]

Interview | Nico Stojan

Those who’ve been lucky to glide through a Nico Stojan set know the delights of his no-filler builds and melodic bursts. Through close relationships with jazz, hiphop, and electronic music, the Berlin native has crafted himself a unique spot in the music landscape since the early 90s. We got a chance to catch up with […]