Born 1969, in Bückerberg, a Lower Saxony small town of Germany, home to the beautiful Bückerberg Palace and where Johann Sebastian Bach is said to have spent most of his life, Timo Maas first started DJing age 13 and by the time he was 17, was playing in clubs. Having remixed legendary artists such as Fatboy Slim, Depeche Mode, Muse, Madonna, Kelis, he is well recognized for his world acclaimed Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night remix, released in October of 2000. A twice Grammy-nominated artist, Maas, over his 30-plus-years-career, has released 3 equally amazing and very eclectic albums: Loud, Pictures, & Lifer. The man has been resident DJ @ Twilo, Gatecrasher, Cream, or the legendary Circoloco @ DC10 Ibiza, the latter for over 15 years. And I’m making you the short version here. We are thrilled to receive an artist with such a pedigree.


First and foremost, welcome to Husa Sounds, Timo!
What a pleasure to have you here with us. 2021 was, yet again, quite a year for most artists & human beings. How was your year?

2021 really gave me all facet. From deepest disturbance from the whole Covid shit and its consequences to being creative, writing new music, remixing and later in the year DJing again too. Rollercoaster all over 🙂

After all these years, all these milestones reached, what keeps you inspired? How do you keep things fresh?

My life with all its ups and downs is my real inspiration. I am also getting instantly bored when I repeat myself creatively, so it’s the never-ending search for something new & different.

Any artists, tracks, mixes, or other art-related mediums grabbing your attention these days?

Funny enough, one of the most interesting new music I got to hear recently was from you guys 😉 (Husa & Zeyada). So it was a no brainer to touch your music and give it a different twist. (Coming Soon!) I also find Rittik Wystup very interesting. There’s a bunch of fresh guys out there. I like everything that is not ‘’standard’’ in a way. In the last 20 years, you’ve held residencies in some of greatest clubs in the world.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from that experience? Tell us a bit about it.

I started DJing a long time ago and the experience of having a residency is one of the strongest learning points in general. It teaches you everything about the dynamics of a night, keeping a certain crowd, being experimental, etc. Playing one of the best clubs in the world for 17 years as a regular (DC10) truly has sharpened my sense and mind for the music….

What would be your advice to a young upcoming DJ/Producer/Artist that wants to achieve success?

Most importantly, try NOT to copy anyone else. Be individual, be strange.
The demos you don’t play to someone, because they are so different to the usual stuff, are normally the most interesting.
Be brave and follow your balls 🙂

Your last album was released in 2008, with collaborators like U.N.K.L.E.’S James Lavelle, Placebo’s Brian Molko & rapper Mikkil Pane, and what an album that was. Is there a chance of another album in the future? Any collaborators you’d want in on the project?

The classic concept album format is unfortunately dying out these days, as most people are ‘’track-by-track’’ streaming listeners now. Not many people take the time to listen to a full-length LP anymore. I am still not sure if I would do another one of my concept albums. Time will tell. A standard 10 track album I surely won’t do.

Where can we see you play these days, any gigs coming up?

Things are starting slowly again, so keep your eyes open!!!

Before we close this interview, wanna tell us about a funny (music-related or not) anecdote that happened to you recently?

I realized recently that quite a lot of people named their pets after me….was wondering why? 😉

What do you have in store for 2022? New music, new projects? Hopes & fears? Tell us a bit about it.

Starting in early February, there`s a whole bunch of remixes and productions scheduled for the next months, including the remix for Husa & Zeyada, but also Robert Babicz, Placebo, Digital 21, Mollono Bass, Giorgia Angiuli & many more. Keep your ears open!!!

Wishing you a great 2022 Timo! Thank you for your time.

Interview by Sebastien Kostello