Today, we have a very special guest joining us; Sahar Z. After an incredible “Spotlight” podcast for us few months back, we thought of asking him to join us for a quick catch up chat. Here we go!

First and foremost, welcome to Husa Sounds ! Thanks for being with us.

Always a pleasure.

With the last year being unique, unprecedented and crucial not only for artists, but human beings in general, what are your general thoughts now?

From my point of view, this experience is the essence of all ethical and moral religious traditions, the essence of “love thy neighbor as thyself”. If we do not reorganize our priorities, our attitude towards others & towards the environment, we will cease to exist.

There’s no doubt there was negative impacts caused by this pandemic. But a great deal of artists also mentioned the benefits of a step back, a new point of view, a renewal in their art form? What is your stance on that? How was the last year for you?

I think the concept of community has been taken out of our world for a while, very slowly, gradually. Now we sit quiet in an epidemic of lack of interaction. I look forward to the day when I can live in a fertile environment of people from all over the world again. The vision that we will work together, that we will be better together is absent today, I feel. Working together, hand in hand, is essential for our survival as human beings. What are we if we do not have each other?

Being from Montreal, I cannot help but to ask about your amazing recent remix on Hicky & Kalo’s Plaisirs Sonores imprint. How did that come to life? What was the process?

Hicky & Kalo provided me with a memorable voyage, filled with clean synths & cosmic pads and I wanted to make it super groovy, with some little magic bell oriental melodies. As always, I wanted to bring my trademark sound to the track – hypnosis at its most devastating.

You mentioned in the past that even though Beatport, promos & colleagues are a good source of new music, you like to wander around YouTube for new discoveries, new inspirations? Is it still a thing for you and if so, who or what caught your attention recently?

More than ever! 
I’m happy for those new discoveries, check them out:

Cioz – Really like his originals & remixes

And of course, Dhafer Youssef!

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing up in some places, will we be able to see you live anywhere soon? Where and when?

The show I’m most looking forward to right now will take place in Panama on November 25th. An amazing group of people called RADIO VENAO organize a mini festival once a year, on one of the many beautiful beaches there. It is my first time being invited to perform at one of their events. From what I have seen and heard it is going to be amazing! The concept, the people, the music and the location are all accurately in line with the things I love about my performances.

Studio-wise, do you have any upcoming projects/releases that you can talk to us about?

I’ve just released a full original album with Vic F under our project “The Scientists “, on Armadillo Records. The adventure started a few years ago and took us a considerable amount of time. We intended to create something distinctive and different from the dancefloor music we usually produce. When we began the project, there was no concept. Despite that, we aimed to explore the limits of synthesizers and other studio gear. We were motivated by conducting experiments in the unknown, finding new techniques and unusual methods of playing, writing, recording, and designing sounds and grooves. Without thinking of any genre or trend but focusing only on the new perspective of our music, working on this album expanded our creativity. The result is material for all the music lovers who can connect to our music. Hopefully, it can awaken the listener to a mind-altering experience, same as the one we had in the studio while working on it.

Besides that, my first collaboration EP with Shai T will be released on Guy Mantzur’s new label “Moments” in September.

Well, thanks for being with us today. It was a real pleasure having you here, we wish you the best.

Thanks for having me, pleasure was all mine.


Interview by Sebastien Kostello