GIGEE is one the latest powerhouse artists rising through the techno flanks. With a varied and fresh understanding of musical culture, this Polish globetrotter has so far released on Rodriguez JR’s mobilee and now returns on the esteemed Katermukke imprint. GIGEE made a pivot from involvements like running creative agency ‘In Sound We Trust’ and conceptualizing the scenography for ‘The Voice of Poland’, to working as a full time producer and DJ. After multiple shows in Paris, on her Asian tour, and in Berlin, she is well poised to start doing the rounds again once touring resumes. In the meantime, her latest EP, MINOTAUR, is out to keep our heart rates up.


Husa Sounds: Hey Paulina, thanks so much for taking the time to chat. When did you get into playing music and what were your influences growing up?
Gigee: Hi, thank you for having me! I guess that was in my high school, I was already listening to many different kinds of music from electro house to (even) jazz, finding new music on the numerous blogs online and visiting vinyl shops, digging through some stuff and so on… The most important step was when I needed to choose my further education path. My parents wanted me to go for business studies, economics etc. but I knew deep inside that my calling is slightly different and I wouldn’t be happy spending every day in the office. Then I decided to chase that calling and everything began…

HS: You’re back on Katermukke with your EP ‘Minotaur’, after the label welcomed your first release last year. How has your process changed since then and how did you approach this EP?
Gigee: Yeah! I’m supper happy to be back, Katermukke will always be special for me. Well it’s hard to say but for sure I’m getting more and more confident with what I’m doing every year, my vision is brighter and the evolution of my tracks is the natural process of me growing up, making new discoveries, and experiencing many kinds of emotions during it.

HS: If you could pick any artists to remix this EP, who would they be?
Gigee: Ahhh we actually had ideas regarding remixes for this EP but ran out of time and postponed it for the next one. I’m still looking forward to collaborating with label boss Dirty Doering and I’m open to his ideas. Who knows what can grow from that eventually.

HS: You started out playing the field in Paris. What did you find particular, unique, about the club scene there? How have you seen it change over the years? 
Gigee: It is changing constantly regarding many influences that come and go from abroad but the absolutely unique crowd and atmosphere is probably the best thing you can ever experience as an artist playing over there. These people have a great taste in music, they also know how to support the artist during the gig and how to behave. The music culture and respect for artists is huge, they perfectly know why they came to a certain venue and who is on stage. It’s not a crowd who is just there to get wasted – they are truly music enthusiasts and I just love playing for them.

HS: What elements from your film and television academic background do you bring into your sound?
Gigee: This might sound funny but I’m actually trying to build a story behind every track I write as a script but there are chords in place of letters. I’m not sure if it’s because of my film and TV academy background or it’s just me but what I can say is – there will be some cool music videos next year, dedicated to my tracks which I also wanna produce myself with a couple of my favorite directors.

HS: You’ve worked behind the scenes and with different media forms, through video broadcasting for In Sound We Trust and scenography production for example. Do you see yourself moving towards a more multipurpose creative output in the future?
Gigee: What I know now is I wasn’t really happy without my artistic side being fulfilled but I really liked the work behind the scenes as well. It gave me tons of knowledge and experience, which brought me where I am now. I think everything happens for a reason and I must go through all of these to be fully grateful for what I do and what I can do now. I’m not fully dedicated to GIGEE stuff but we also have many creative plans for the future and I can say that I’m just very curious what the future will bring but I cannot confirm anything yet.

HS: ‘Hall of Gods’, ‘Minotaur’, ‘Last Journey to Valhalla’… can you tell us a bit more about your mythological interests and influences?
Gigee: I’ve been told many times that I have an old soul and even if I’m not very superstitious I must admit that this is kinda true. I’ve always been totally different from my classmates or other colleagues, I like some time alone and there are many decent things, lessons and influences from different epochs or cultures that I like and can easily admit are important to me. Mythology is probably one of my favourite things 🙂

HS: Can you recommend some Polish electronic music artists for us to discover?
Gigee: The Polish market is growing fast, we have many talented DJs and producers but the ones that I will always recommend are Catz n Dogz & ZAMILSKA. Their music just got me to a different level. Full class.

HS: Anything we missed?

Gigee: Thank you for such well chosen questions, I really enjoyed answering them. Stay safe and hope
to see ya on the dance floor soon x

GIGEE’s Katermukke release ‘Minotaur’ is out July 17th, you can pre order it here: ‘Lullaby’ is Out Now on Mobilee, get it here: