Shady is a new band on the block, comprised of Pieter De Meester and Maxim Helincks. Both of these guys bring lots of music scene experience to the table, previously playing with bands such as King Dalton, DVKES, Statue, Aedo… This list keeps on. For the last few years, this energetic duo toured the world with the band Stavroz (US, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Europe,…), spreading the group’s slow and rumbling blend of jazz-house across stellar venues and dance-floors.


With COVID halting life on tour for Pieter and Max, they started working on an idea they had always talked about on tour: their own project. This time of transition presented them with the perfect opportunity to explore this idea, giving birth to many new song concepts in no time.

“We couldn’t resist starting Shady” they said. “Our music is electronic with guitar, bass and vocals. Think Soulwax, Nicolas Jaar, Connan Mockasin, Magnus, Mickael jackson and sure you will hear some Stavroz in there but the most important ingredient is ‘not taking yourself seriously’ especially in our first release FOOLS. It’s about doing what you love, not thinking about consequences and most of all enjoy life, enjoy Jimmi Hendrix, enjoy rollerblading.”

Listen to Shady here