Jay Medvedeva has been with us since the very early stages of Husa Sounds. Being one of the very first acts we invited to for a podcast on our platform! Since then, Jay has gained recognition worldwide in the minimal house scene. We decided to catch up with her through a short interview, and see what she has been up to. Let’s get to it:

Jay medvedeva

1. When did you decide to start djing?

J: I was 21 when I got involved in a DJ competition, which took place in my home town Vladivostok. I started learning and investigating mixing stuff, important tips and everything that could help me to be prepared. I ended up in second place in the competition. Honestly, afterwards I had a tough time trying to become an equal part of the underground DJ community, ruled mostly by men these days. Of course, neither this nor anything else could stop me from walking straight ahead, to my major destiny and goal.

2. When did you realize that you are interested in music?

J: I was always surrounded by music. As a child, I spent countless hours watching my father working with music, like a magician. My dad also used to have a nightclub and a professional studio where he worked with many different artists. And my older sister had an electronic music band. I tried not to miss any of her crazy energetic concerts, cause I’ve been so fascinated by that energy flowing just right into your heart, spirit and soul These were the kind of feelings I couldn’t find anywhere else: freedom, pure happiness, everyone around you is on the same level as you are. Ever since those days I knew that I’d like to link my life only with music.

3. What are your specific features that distinguish you from other DJs on the Moscow electronic music stage?

J: The thing is that I can’t actually classify myself as Moscow DJ, because I travel a lot. I identify more as a ‘woman of the world’. But I definitely can tell where I take some of my purest inspiration. It comes from Vladivostok, my beloved hometown. It is a small port-city, connecting Asia and Russian borders, just a 2-hours flight from Tokyo, Japan. I was fascinated and really impressed by different DJs who occasionally were visiting the far East as guest artists from other places .Our town was very progressive, and has a bunch of cool clubs and event spaces. As a port-city we have many tourists and the nightlife is also very intense. By the way, a huge part of popular and talented Russian electronic artists originally are from remote, distant cities or areas, which probably is the reason why they all have an outstanding sense of music.

jay medvedeva

4. Tell us about your collaboration and working process with Shaun Reeves?

J: We’ve been friends for many years and also I’ve been following the Visionquest label for a long time. I truly have a lot of respect for Shaun as an artist, he is also a very good friend of mine. We spent many hours in deep conversations, playing’ b2b just for ourselves or at some mutual events.

5. How and where did you meet?

J: We met at an event where we were booked together. Our next encounter was at the Big Burn Fest in Turkey. This is a funny story, because I was absolutely alone there. I somehow lost my group, my phone completely ran out of battery so I decided to go and explore, when suddenly I saw Shaun on one of the stages. We ended up hanging out till the end of the festival and supporting each other on our gigs. It was clear that we have a lot common view on many different things in life. Afterwards he invited me to Berlin to create some music together and that’s how KOZ -MIK single was born.

Currently, we both are working on another mutual project. Soon you’ll be able to check it out!

6. How has the past year impacted your career? What did that teach you?

J: The past year allowed me to take some time and determine my strategy in achieving my desired goals. I finally started focusing on music production, my own vocals and taking piano lesson sessions. In a few words: I am spending much more time developing my creativity. In the last few months I’ve been working on tracks with Underher (Сanadian artist also known as a Khaled Bess), where I sang a vocal parts. I am planning to make more tracks like these. I also worked on a few other projects, exploring lots of new soft skills, machines and music gear. I am very happy that I had a chance to try it all, because I guess that we all need some reboot and reset in our lives.

7. In what ways do you think the music industry is set to change in the future?

J: There are so many young, unique and peculiar unknown musicians. They don’t have much money or any useful acquaintances and very often they are forced to do something else for a living. They’ve lost their faith in the future success, and instead of spending time and energy striving through to their dream goals no matter how hard it can be, they could stop composing or mixing. One of possible solutions —  is a promoter’s helping hand reaching directly to these freshmen musicians. For example – more showcases or events with new unknown talented people, which can also be supported by well-known artists. I am very fascinated by my new collaboration with a great promotion team Placebo25 and their own gorgeous techno venue located in Saint-Petersburg named BROKEN HEARTS CLUB .They organize events with international DJs and musicians, and they are always interested in fresh and new talents who could perform b2b with the higher profile ones, making every party even more unique.

8. Tell us a bit more about the mix you’ve made for us. What’s the story out there?

J: Our journey with you guys began almost 7 years ago, when you guys first asked me to do a guest mix for Husa Sounds I had my debut performing at WMC in Miami when you asked me to do a feature & It was an absolute pleasure to create this compilation for you; especially because you’ve been supporting me all these years. I mixed some raw / hypnotic minimal techno tunes with lots of love and deep respect, trying to recreate the atmosphere I’ve been into for the past few months. I hope you enjoy it!

9. What can we expect from Jay Medvedeva in the future?

J: Actually, I never know where my creativity can bring me the next day. But what’s for sure is that I am going to do what I really love the most, just stay tuned!