Today we are happy to review a release from the label of the iconic artist – Sebastien Leger (Lost Miracle), which releasing for the 2nd time, an Ep from in the organic house chart breaking artist; Shai T.

During the last years, Shai T has managed to reach outstanding achievements, such as maintaining a spot in the top 5 artists of organic house in the world, while reaching the #1 position four times in less than a year, as well as releasing his music on the most major labels in the world. These remarkable achievements have established Shai as one of the best and most valued artists in his genre in the world today, with four of his latest productions reaching the all time Top 100 of the genre.

shai t

His new EP with ‘Lost Miracle’, has already been played and got the support of many of the biggest names of the electronic music industry. The label, managed by the iconic artist – Sebastien Leger, has been established as one of the best labels in the genre today; releasing music hitting the top of the charts constantly.

The Ep – “The Last Dance” consists of 2 beautiful tracks, both filled with live instruments invoking beautiful summer vibes. The A side – ‘The Last Dance’, is a Balearic deep progressive track, with a strong Latin – tango influence, as Shai managed to put inside this track live Spanish guitar riffs and a unique accordion sounds, which gives the track another dimension, aside from just an electronic track.

The B side of the Ep – One Night In Paris, is also full of summer vibes, and made to be played in open air venues, but this one got his influences from other part of the world – France and its known music genre – Chanson. Like in the A side of the Ep, we have Guitars and Accordion taking control of the vibes. Gentle vocals flowing in the air . And a strong groove and bassline which pushes the track forward all the way.

Passion, talent and technique place Shai as a continued and growing force in the world of underground dance music, as he weaves a magical sonic tapestry of powerful storytelling and creating special vibes on the dance floor. We cannot wait to see what else he’s got in store for us in the future!