Husa & Zeyada release the beast, photo by black creative studios Abdallah Sabri
The Egyptian-Canadian electronic live duo releases their new single titled “Release The Beast” on February
15th 2024. After the huge success of their debut album “Long Way Home” which was released in November
2022, and after a long year-long successful touring. playing their live sets around the globe in some of the
biggest music venues, the like of SunsetStrip in Buenos Aires, Grand Factory in Beirut, Katerblau & Fusion in
Germany, Groove on the Grass & Soho Garden in Dubai, Azimuth in Saudi Arabia, Mutek & Stereo in Montreal,
Sandbox in Egypt. “Release The Beast” has been played all over the world over the past year getting always
the greatest response from the audience within their live set. Now it is time for djs everywhere to use this track
to summon the audience’s groove on more dance floors all over the world.

After finishing the “Long Way Home” chapter, the duo seem ready to embark on a new journey of diving deeper
into their fictionalized world, but this time by enticing the audience to release & express their inner beasts,
where they explore more about finding your own groove and dancing to the rhythms of your own hearts beats.
The song at its core takes you onto a trip to a mysterious world through a playful theatrical performance, calling
on your inner beast to come out of its cage and be released from its limitations.The story continues visually, as
the song is set to release with the rest of the album later in 2024 in the form of a short film, through which we
will get a glimpse of the magic behind Husa & Zeyada’s amusing world.

The release is a fierce track, with a long intro filled with eerie melodies, trippy percussions & badass guitar riffs.
The much anticipated release is set to be out on the Saudi Arabian musical giant MDLBeast (WTR). This is a
huge milestone in the journey of Husa & Zeyada projects; as it marks their first collaboration with the hot new
label which is based in Saudi Arabia but has already branched globally with a clear mission to “Amplify the

The Middle East has been one of the fastest growing scenes in the musical world in the past decade, with the
last couple of years seeing exponential growth in events and releases especially post COVID lockdowns. It
seems only logical that Husa & Zeyada and MDLBeast would be the perfect collaborators to Release The