A few months ago, we introduced you to the brand-new Montreal-Based label, MFC Records, created by BitterCaress. Their goal is to support both fresh talents and established artists from all over the world, uniting them to raise about causes that are dear to them. MFC’s socially conscious roster selects non-for-profit organizations to receive all proceeds from releases. After a first compilation from various artists, MFC is back with Freya, a new EP.

This second release is a single artist EP with 3 tracks from Aahan, and a remix by Luna Vassarotti. Toronto’s Aahan has steadily seen a growing following of techno listeners from all over the world, along with support from industry standout artists, like DJ Stingray, Perc, and Stephany Sykes. With releases landed on labels like Monnom Black and Clergy, the future looks bright for Aahan, who brings his relentless take on techno to MFC Records.

Luna Vassarotti remixed the track Freya, and brings a ravier side to this high-impact industrial techno EP. DJ, Producer and purveyor of nocturnal frequencies, Luna is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of Berlin-based record label, Instruments of Discipline. Her material mirrors the aesthetic of the IOD label roster, characterized by elements of noise and industrial music, woven into strains of hard, fast techno, that hold an intense, playful, and at times strange edge.


Luna Vassarotti

This EP aims to raise awareness about violence against women in Turkey. Aahan has been watching the local women’s rights movement for some time now and thinks it is an issue that needs more attention from the media and the public at large. The non-for-profit organization supported for this release will be the Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation. This was established in 1990 by feminists in order to combat violence against women in Turkey.

“Freya” is set to release May 27th on MFC Records and is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.


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Luna Vassarotti