Sasha Carassi (head-honcho to one of the most well established and influential techno labels out there; Phobiq) is no stranger to the game. On the contrary, he can be considered a leading figure of the movement. Let me talk to you about the man and his latest venture, launching this week: label ILINX.


Hailing from Napoli, and living his teen years during the mid 80s, he was dragged into music by his cousins & neighbours who were avid vinyl collectors. After attending art school; where he got his aesthetes tastes & values, he landed a first residency @ Dinamik Area n the early 90s. Producing quickly followed and from then, the rest is history!

From his first releases on Guidance in 2003, or his own first imprint Globox to today, the man has gone a long, very long way. And what a trail he left behind! To this day, he has released music on acclaimed labels such as Diynamic, Drumcode, Bedrock, Atlant and more recently Renaissance & IAMHER. 

To say we are thrilled about his next move is an understatement. After a summer of very strong releases like his incredible 4-track EP on Renaissance and his remix of Husa & Zeyada’s A Little Fun, Mr. Carassi goes on to the creation of another label, ILINX.

The word ILINX takes its meaning in sociologist Roger Caillois extensive game studies. Caillois defined ILINX as a ‘’sensual panic’’, the feeling you’re spinning, falling down and getting out of control. He found a possible origin of the word in the ancient mystic rituals, where people danced and turned around themselves, hoping to fall in a trance state and to reach an alternate reality. This literally untranslatable word describes a temporary disruption of perception; a feeling of vertigo, dizziness and disorientation. It’s the ‘’strange excitement’’ caused by a destructive and senseless act. This is the foundation through which Sasha presents its new musical journey.

The journey, which has already begun this week with the release of the amazing ‘’Blackness’’, features the very talented singer Eleanora. The track comes in 3 equally amazing versions, to the listener’s greatest pleasure. Out now on Beatport and other platforms, I highly recommend you check it out. 

New releases on Knee Deep In Sound & Eleatics are also on the way, as the man gives no sign of slowing down. 
‘’Be original and don’t follow stereotypes.’’ – Sasha Carassi

Written by Sebastien Kostello