BitterCaress presents debut label: MFC Records

Montreal techno producer, DJ and event organizer BitterCaress is dressing down 2020 with some welcome good news. The OCTOV resident brings to birth a new independent label, MFC Records, a techno offering of “tolerance, openness, inclusion, and diversity”. Beyond sharing music, this new imprint takes a pledge for socially conscious reflection and action, through its roster, releases, and where it chooses to allocate proceeds.

Political reflection hasn’t left techno since its inception, yet with wide global growth come some forms of forgetfulness and detachment from its complex origins. Initiatives like MFC Records keep the genre connected to its radical roots, recognizing and re-interpreting its politically charged ethos as the very foundational electricity that delivers and unites.

The releases

MFC’s releases will follow two formats. Collaborative compilations around a shared topic that artists will be free to interpret, and single artist EPs that will hone in on a specific cause selected by the featured artist.

We welcome this approach, of a label focusing on what they stand for as a collective. All proceeds from releases will be directly allocated to selected non for-profit organizations. By adopting this open, rotating structure where artists choose causes they feel strongly about, MFC Records not only brings awareness to their general public but to their own members, familiarizing themselves with more topics and forms of action as the project advances.

About the team

Label head BitterCaress is a conservatory trained pianist turned techno event organizer and DJ. She coats her projects with focused, potent and honest involvement. Her selections can be found dicing up her monthly show on La Face B, ‘The Movements’, and filling her monthly Buy Music Club playlists where she thematically highlights other artists and encourages followers to purchase their sounds on Bandcamp. Her podcast series Mixing for a Cause gives a kick and boost to a variety of issues that deserve to be highlighted.

BitterCaress is joined by a storyteller with spark, filling the role of artistic director. Quint has bounced from artistic direction of the BONIMENTEUR crew to a VJ residency with OCTOV. Her visuals glide in the space between circus theatricality and late-night industrial graphics, rounding the sharp edges of high BPMs with old VHS footage and glitchy visual poetry.

Strangers in their own world

The first compilation hits the virtual shelves on January 29. “Strangers in their own world: A manifesto to raise awareness about Human Rights”, will donate profits to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

The compilation will feature Toronto-based Aahan (theme: isolation), Alexa Borzyk (theme: mental health and homelessness during COVID 19) – this local favourite is set to release her first EP in 2021 – , the surprising and spontaneous Inside Blur (theme: police brutality), OCTOV organizer and fervent local techno head KORVN (theme: homelessness) and the punk-techno enigma ottoman.grüw (theme: a better future).

The NAACP has, since 1909, worked to eliminate political, educational, social, and economic race-based discrimination in the USA. They’ve become the largest civil rights organisation in the country, undertaking political lobbying, publicity efforts and litigation strategies to advance basic human rights.



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