Odna ‘Macica’ (prod. by Adam Husa)

Hear an artistic response to an abortion law restrictions in Poland roared in a hypnotic Moon Valley in Siwa Oasis performed by the artist. Odna’s dancing in a union with a beautiful dress created in collaboration with local women of the land embracing the folk culture of Slavic and Amazigh tribes. 

The song has been created on a full moon in a trance improvisational flow, a ceremonial process of Odna Experience with a Canadian – Egyptian producer- Adam Husa, who surrendered to the feminine energetical lead and held open-minded, allowing and patient space for both artist’s creativity to bloom.

‘Macica’ is born! Happy Full Moon!

An ode to women in Odna’s mother tongue performed in Siwa Oasis on a Cafe De Anatolia.

The movement has started over a year ago, women’s rights in my motherland has been questioned and threatened by a will to control the new life and mothers’ God given ability to decide what’s best for us and our children. Women have been chosen by creation to be the gate keepers of life and no governmental forces will ever change that. The fight is reaching finale with an official reading and voting over a project of legal abortion up to 12 weeks, which is going to be considered in the government by the end of this month. Check @strajk_kobiet and @legalnaaborcja  

odna macica

Artist statement:

“ This song has been born through a fire of  inner conflict, conflict that I feel is present in the collective body of current  human awareness, yet rooted in the depths of our collective amnesia to the true power of creation and remembrance of who women are and what women’s bodies are capable of . 

How can we honour life and free will at the same time? How can we remember our power and will over our bodies can not be taken away from us nor written on a paper as a law ? Maybe, we can simply feel it, again.  I believe in a conscious relationship with the body, one that allows for conscious creation and conscious release of creation.

Until we get there as a whole, men and women, I believe  we need to honour accidents, emergencies, and violation of free will, in which case our society and modern medicine  is here to help us “.