In this day & age, it’s hard to find artists that stand out, especially with how simple it got to use dj tools and the ease for some of using social platforms. It’s important we remember why we need to listen to artists who strive to be different musically, and try to push limits instead of staying within the boundaries.

Boasting from the land of Sinai with a drumming background, performing with so many artists as they passed through his hometown Dahab, as well as being featured on music with Husa & Zeyada, Hot Oasis on labels such as MDLBeast Records, DSK Recrods, Bayati Records & more; Mohii took on a new way to explore music in the past years. While including his live percussion in a new format through electronic drumming pads, overlaying on top of his deep tribal influenced tech house & indie dance mixes, Mohii has been turning heads with his new sound, and it’s only the beginning, as the artists is embarking in his new chapter studio production.

Today, we have the pleasure of inviting the artists on the 264th edition of our podcasts, take a listen!