This song captured a special moment in time, marking the first official collaboration between two artists, Husa & Zeyada & Hot Oasis. The two artists share a intertwined story as Hot Oasis was the reason Husa & Zeyada met at first & discovered their creative space & studio in Dahab, Egypt. 

This track fills a musical void by blending Arabic vocals with a fresh club sound, setting a new standard for the industry. As the Middle East sees a growing music scene, there is a need for a relatable new sound that can be enjoyed at festivals with top-notch sound systems. As for remixes, Doctor Dru takes listeners on a classic progressive journey with a mesmerizing melody, keeping it unique all the way. On the other hand, UK’s GMJ & Matter offer a hypnotic twist with a warm, deep, and steady progressive vibe that immerses the audience.”