One morning at 6am, around 4 months ago in Amsterdam, I received an intense stream of frantic, thrilled text messages, quite unlike anything I’d ever read. There were jumbled mentions of the matrix, reptiles, vortexes, and being under the devil’s grasp. One didn’t need to look too far into the ADE program for that night to figure out what was going on: Amélie Lens’ Exhale was in full detonation. Montreal DJ duo Unlimited Free Guestlist were getting hit full blast, and trying to put it into words.

Back in the present, inspiration from the Exhale party has manifested into FATALE, FrontRite‘s anniversary rave. The FATALE event brand matches FrontRite in intensity and restlessness. This particular edition amps up to 24h of non-stop local talent, ready to spill their darkest and most mysterious techno secrets. It all begins the night of Friday to Saturday, ending at 4am Sunday.

FATAL ✞ Halloween Special Recap Video

FATAL ✞ Halloween Special x AVX Lab making for a dark & epic halloween at Théâtre Fairmount !AVX LabVisuals : VJ BunBunLighting : Guillaume Roberts-CambronStage Design : Shanie Jalbert-Bossé architectePerformance Artists : Soleil Launiere Multi & Jolène Boily BéliveauBuild-Team : Ziggy Halliday & Aaron BallFeaturing Rob Hes, Orphx LIVE, Atroxx & more.Until next time…Video by YankatTrack: Rob Hes – Titan

Posted by FrontRite on Tuesday, October 30, 2018


“This event aims to put you outside of your comfort zone, to challenge what you know about techno and to push you to the frontier of discovery”

In the spirit of collaboration, all techno heavyweights on the line-up come from different Montreal collectives. FATALE is not only a space for them to perform, but a challenge to shake things up and unleash something new on the scene; a chance to push everyone’s boundaries further, together.

Best said by performing DJ Alex Borzych [AXIS], ‘hard kicks and punishing techno’ will be served by S Y L A [OCTOV], OKIN [Kontrast], Madoxx [AlpaKa], Ēmikkē [Mūn], Mike Haddad [Husa Sounds] and many others. Before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday evening, a Starskream showcase will add punch to the rally, beginning with Mayfie and ending with 3 Faces of Eve, Atroxx‘s unruly alias.

Atroxx / Three Faces Of Eve – FK Up The Party (Original Mix)

Endles hours in the studio preperring for this friday. Our third Starskream Showcase at Fatale 24/7 | 24H x 7YRs of FrontRite. Many new productions to show you all. I will be playing under my alias Three Faces of Eve Here's a snippet of my lates FK Up the Party from #RelentlessTechno to #BruteForce Friday, we party.

Posted by Atroxx on Wednesday, March 4, 2020


These past years, FrontRite has played a massive role in strengthening the ties of our local DIY scene. What started as a dancefloor thought quickly grew to an inclusive online space, where Montrealers who shared similar values could freely exchange about dance music.

This weekend, we celebrate 7 years of ripe, inventive concepts and late-night euphoria. FrontRite has long showcased the best of both worlds, spotlighting our local scene and booking strong acts like Loco Dice, Pleasurekraft, Soul Button, Rob Hes, and HOSH among others. We also celebrate the many laughs and challenges, over the top productions, all-nighters setting up event spaces, last-minute curveballs and scrambles, and continuous collaboration with Montreal’s many stellar collectives. Most of all, we celebrate the community that has kept all of this alive and thriving.


soul button
FrontRite Revolution NYE


FrontRite’s been faced with many hurdles: last minute venue switches, increased city restrictions and police checks, and preserving its original values despite reaching over 8000 members today. The passion fueling its core, and the strength of its following, has kept it inspired and vigorous.

This community has allowed the constantly growing Facebook group to keep its soul and identity, and to remain a safe space of expression for local music lovers. It’s also allowed members from different parts of the scene to be closer and understand each other, from dancers to promoters to artists.


A proper underground Klubnacht seems like the only way to celebrate such a feat. FATALE will be as seductive and thundering as the revved up energy that has lead us to where we are today, stripping things down to the essence of why we were here in the first place: gliding beats in a dark room where everyone is family, even strangers.