It’s time to ready your bodies for some sharp and soulful techno invading your senses for a stellar night in the best company: the same team that brought you to Church on Halloween is gearing up to take you to space in the second chapter of the TRUST party series.

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The recipe? A dark, earthy space. Two rooms of seductive rhythms. Methodical and inspired audiovisual production. Downright dedicated organizers. Smiles from friends and strangers who showed up for the same reasons as you – to indulge in a night they are certain will live up to their expectations.

That’s the beauty of TRUST, where attendees and organizer make a treasured yearly pact, the crowd trusts the promoter by committing to an evening of which the details (headliner, local lineup, venue) are progressively revealed via staggering ticket sales that financially reward early birds – this year, 10% of tickets were purchased with zero details about the event. The promoter promises to deliver yet another remarkable and unmatched immersive experience.

The concept marks a synergy between organizer and community, as both feed and motivate each other. Last TRUST invited the deep melodic wiz Ran Salman – specifically contacted after D’Urbano sifted through frequent artist requests in the FrontRite Facebook group.

Playing Vertigo LiVE at Montréal, Canada

Checkout this video of me playing LiVE at FrontRite Secret After Party Montréal, CanadaThat was fuc*ing dope ! 💣💣💣#RanSalmanLiVE #Vertigo #LiveAct The Arcana Agency

Posted by Ran Salman on Tuesday, November 29, 2016


To carry the TRUST torch, FrontRite has called on the alluring and influential Pleasurekraft. The American-Swedish duo is a classic figure of modern techno soundscapes and we can’t wait to welcome them in our community, confidently handing them the keys to our warehouse.


Pleasurekraft seamlessly coast between hard-hitting bass-lines, ascending dark synth pulses and orbiting melodies. The dense, driven and celestial texture of their sound allows for delicious immersion. Their label, Kraftek, is infused with hypnotic and vibrant acts that constantly excavate their creative boundaries, pushing for innovation and evolution of contemporary techno at every turn.

Pleasurekraft live from ZIg Zag Club / PARIS

Highlight (part 1) from this past weekend at Zig Zag Club // PARIS 🙌Track ID: Kostas Maskalides – "Furnace" (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Posted by Pleasurekraft on Monday, November 6, 2017


Pleasurekraft skyrocketed into the house scene back in 2009, after Pete Tong showcased their first track on his Radio One show. The immediately successful classic and spellbinding Tarantula opened a lot of doors yet carved a lot of expectations: “When you have a record that big, getting people to see you in any other light takes some time” mentions Kaveh Soroush. Since then, they’ve travelled towards a different type of sound and production– darker, more techno and less tech-house. They generously re-adapted their classic hit to reflect their current creative reality.

‘When people think Pleasurekraft, I want them to think Cosmic techno. Big room techno that’s dark with a hook that’s quite melodic and beautiful. To me that is the definition of the Cosmos, where there’s incredible violence and destruction that gives birth to immense beauty’’ –Kaveh Soroush, ½ of the duo. 

Pleasurekraft – Rigel (live)

Still my personal favorite track we ever made :) #Rigel

Posted by Pleasurekraft on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


It goes without saying that we’re also here to showcase our thriving local scene, whose talents are indispensable to our events. Following his acclaimed set at Abandoned, Atroxx’s robust bass lines continue to be part of our winning recipe, here repping the Starskream label. We can also look forward to a stirring live set by Paradigme, the new resident from the 8day crew, known for their flawless showcasing of local musical gems. FrontRite favourite Johnny Messina and his magical deep grooves are also part the equation, along with Riico serving up his usual delightful progressive and balanced vibrations. Lastly, you’ll be exposed to the deep melodic sounds fashioned by Creator, and will get the chance to adventure with the Kontrast boys, who you can find spinning monthly delicious beats at Le Salon D’Aomé.

Montreal is the ideal breeding ground for the TRUST concept; we’re lucky to have a local bubbling community of performers, music-lovers, promoters and organizers. This model prioritizes a community-centered approach over a standard party formula, and it’s only through people’s faith, fidelity and feedback that it will keep growing and perfecting. Through your TRUST in us, you inspire us – and we hope to inspire you in return: not only to attend, but also to pass along your experience to those who share the same values and for whom there is space in our ever-growing community.

Let’s keep creating synergy – see you on the 24th

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article by Lola