This Friday at Velvet come play with us at Cosmic ZoO, presented and ZoOzoo Creations.

Collect your tickle trunk finds and come participate in the creation of a trippy walk through space. All that will separate the Cosmic ZoO from the outside world, is a dark 300 year old cement tunnel lit with candles. In this world, everything is designed to spark the inner animal in you to be set free.

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The creators of this experience want patrons to understand is that this is not a normal night out, it is its own ephemeral universe that every individual in the ZoO will help to create. The decor, lights, music and invitations all contributes to the vibes. ZoOzoo creations has been behind so many great events like Husa Sound’s own Dreamworld.

When ZoOzoo creations have hands on an event you know you will enter a whimsical journey to another dimension, the creator, Zineb, has the perfect eye for creating vibes around the city and this is integral to a successful event. With collaborations at Piknic Electronic for the Husa Sounds 7 year anniversary, Club Pelicano, Bain Mathieu, Room 909, and even a weekly night at Soubois. She has even secured contracts in Ottawa at City At Night. Her creations are popping up all around the region making a name for herself.

Musically, some Montreal favourites will be behind the decks. LEBARON released a concept album in collaboration with Swedish trickster Håkan Lidbo entitled “Fishingindeeparea” (Trigger/Warner) Back in 2002. This pivotal album gave LEBARON much wider exposure, which quickly stapled him as a key figure in the Canadian electronic music industry. Followed by a residency at Stereo Montreal, he has showed his talents locally and internationally, at events and clubs such as BPM Festival In Mexico, Do Not Sit On The Furnitures in Miami, and Burning Man in Nevada just to name a few. Here is his Burning Man set:

In more recent years, LEBARON co-founded the massive AIM Festival, as well as a music label known as Victims Music Company. He is part of the charismatic duo Hoopalaï (Kindisch) and trio Thee FFF (Repopulate Mars / Victims Music Company) with iconic Chicago figure Felix Da Housecat.

DAVIAN is the guy next door, the guy who you’ll never see without a smile. His talent and contagious energy have led him to play globally in South East Asia, Tulum and more!  DAVIAN uses his music to touch hearts and brings forward a beautiful environmental message in whatever he does. In other words, he’s about love, music, and changing the world.

Marika Fellegi is not your typical violinist. With 20 years of classical training under her belt, her continuous motivation and ability to mix the classical sound of the violin with a variety of genres is what sets her apart from fellow musicians. She mostly plays hip hop, r&b and electronic music, but it doesn’t stop there. Marika’s Oriental and Eastern European origins convey a unique sound to any tune she composes or remixes. She has performed in Canada, France, Australia, and Israel. Here is Marika and DAVIAN’s set together

There are no limits, and no rules, just pure participation and fun-Loving vibes! This is an invitation to dance, interact, play and re-discover yourself, as well as breaking down barriers and connecting with each other’s energy through a wildly fun experience. Collect your wackiest outfits and be part of the Cosmic ZoO, you know you want to!