May is approaching, school is out, Montrealers are thawing, and our dreams of summer are finally coming to life. It’s the time of year to refresh, rejoice, and reconnect with ourselves.

But before we take our first steps into summer and bid farewell to winter, we’re stepping back for some thorough introspection. This Saturday at Dreamworld, in collaboration with ZoOzoo Creatiōns; visionary Zineb Rar the master of creative experiences, a deco queen promising a unique magical atmosphere. Saturday, music will meet the subconscious as we take a deep dive through time, space, and the depths of our minds.

tara brooks at velvet montreal

Music junkies from across town got in touch with their senses when Tara Brooks (Bedrock) came and took us on a journey through another world. Mike and Dexter warmed us up, set the tone just right, and the crowd was taken away to another dimension. Dreamworld’s immersive experience has been crafted by some of our favourites: Miyagi, Mustafa Ismaeel, Christian Volstad and many more. On Saturday, it will be Adam Husa‘s turn to command the decks, joined by Toronto’s Hoomance; an up and coming artist who’s sure to deliver something profound, energetic, and filled with emotion.


You may have heard Adam recently opening for ADID label master Lee Burridge, out in BC playing alongside the one and only Matthias Meyer, or gracing the decks of Stereo with Jesse Zotti and Simply City. This weekend, he’s taking us through the cosmos in celebration of his birthday. Check out one of his recent releases, ‘Wild Thing’, to get a taste of what’s in store for all the dreamers at Velvet.

Hoomance’s sound is creative, referential to music from all over the world, and deep. He is continuously booked privately and has since played in Basel alongside Mira and Atish; his travels taking him to Sardinia, Rome, Ibiza and a month of residency at Mia beach club in Tulum…and this Saturday, his travels will take him to Montreal. This is an artist you’re going to want to look out for. Listen to one of his many thought-provoking sets here.


Join us on a trip to a world within a world; a world where images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the subconscious mind. Summer is almost here. Let your dreams surface, materialize, and then bask in them.

All of the details can be found here

See you on the dancefloor x