Behind this witty name, a new flavorful night waiting to be discovered on its Montreal debut : Middle (Of) Eastern Electronics, hosted by Baham Collective and supported by Floral Nights and Velvet. This performance savours Mahmood Schricker‘s El Muerte tour, a live set fusing tradition and innovation framed by ambient emotion. At the heart of this burst of sound and feeling, a custom made Persian electric setar rumbling over dub and techno beats.

Mahmood Schrinker is one of those restless creative, one who nimbly dedicates himself to weaving Iranian musical influence of past and present into his productions, whether they be events or music. As programming director of the production company and artist management agency Link Music Lab, he pairs well-recognized Iranian artists with musicians from electronic, jazz blues and other musical worlds, for uniquely curated unusual gifted collaborations. He also composes electronic music film scores through the Alto Soundwaves studio collaboration. Inspired by the traditional Persian music dastgah system and the melancholic contemplations of Sufism, Mahmood’s work is layered and thoughtful.

The delicate emotional scope of the compositions will be balanced out with immersive visuals from Nima Dehghani, mapping every pulse and sequence projected to the screen. Each track flows with its accompanying visual story, composed with emotion as the grounding theme. United, these artists spin a musical ensemble of death, love and music. The theme of “El Muerte” is what links them all together, the idea of death but preceded with the wrong article…hinting at awareness and contemplation of life.

As hosts of this unconventional poetic evening, we have the multimedia project of Baham – which stands for “together” in Persian. They will lead the way with an appetizing blend of world music projected through  gleaming prisms of electronica. This collective led by the Montreal duo The Doctors aims to touch minds through new compositions they will be sharing with us. These were also inspired by Persian music, including one collaboration with Mahmood.

Moroccan born and Montreal grown Driss Skali will also be gracing the decks with his ingenuous blend of house music, bringing along sunrays and soundwaves from the recent SXM and Envision Festivals.

We look forward to the thoughtful and emotive curation of this evening, we welcome the alternative approach to the musical experience and we hope to see more sparkling collaborations from Floral Nights as they continue to sprinkle live music in our electronic music scene.