Organic house has established itself as one of the most popular lines of house music in recent times. It’s greater openness to organic elements, sweet arrangements, cadenced beats and association with tribal and ethnic sounds culminated in a mix that evokes themes such as spirituality, ancestry and connection with nature, which has been attracting more and more enthusiasts.

We see more and more labels dedicated almost exclusively to the style. A label that has been achieving certain notoriety is Words Not Enough from Brazil. Founded by DJs, producers and friends, Edu Schwartz and AWKA, the label debuted in August of 2020, with “Quite Like You” EP, of the Argentinian Valdovinos.

Since then, six more releases have come out: “Truly Enchant”, by the head labels; “Theme of a Multiverse”, by the German Nhii; “Creator of Souls” by Edu Schwartz; the label’s first remix EP, featuring music by Wild Dark, Hot Oasis, Madraas and Chiari; “Smooth”, by the Brazilian Peve; and more recently, at the end of May, “Suspended Emotions” EP, by the American Massio, who appears here in collabs with the Spanish Kanedo and with the French Vauban (as well as remixes by the Turkish Erdi Irmak and the Ukrainian Nōpi). The cover artwork is signed by the designer Heitor Kimura.

Schwartz and AWKA stated that the idea of the WNE emerged as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic spread in Brazil, with the help of their friend Leo Janeiro, a renowned DJ from Rio de Janeiro. For this, the duo dived into the universe of labels and matured the project. The main purpose is to spread the music they like — focusing on organic and cadenced sounds to warm-ups, but not necessarily limited to that — to as many people as possible. Besides that, supporting artists they believe in, whether they are unknown or with a consolidated career. The goal is to become a reference not only in Brazil, but also internationally.

In their country, the pandemic is still a tough reality that does not show signs of cooling down anytime soon, as has happened in several other countries. However, as soon as possible, AWKA and Edu Schwartz intend to establish more solid ties with the audience and artists that pass through the label, starting from a project of showcases by Words Not Enough.

For now, you can listen to the most recent EP; “Bioma” including a strong remix by Serbian Mass Digital.

Article written by Lau Ferreira