Estonian-native Urmet K has steadily established himself as a firm fixture amongst London’s immense underground circuit. Blurring the lines between melodic, moody, and hypnotic, Urmet has been sweeping the house scene with his signature style that is brimming with emotion and depth.

Urmet K’s seamless blend of hypnotising house packed with feeling is a trip in itself. The last few months have been transformational for Urmet, and this is only just the beginning. We caught up with him to dive a little deeper into his mindset and what he’s up to at the moment.

Can you tell us a little bit more on the podcast you made for us? The selection of tracks, and what are your most recent inspirations that led you to making this kind of mix?  
I normally go with the flow and just play live in not particular order. I included tracks from artists like: Cocho, Gab Rhome, Savvas, Rowee feat. LazarusMan, N’Pot & Nahue Juarez, Timo Chinala, Fulltone, Powel, DSF, Facundo Mohrr, Lost Desert, Lee Burridge, Junior, M.O.S.

What is your go to tune for home listening during these times?
Air- La femme d’argent

What is your favourite piece of equipment you use in the studio?
Has to be Prophet’08 and Juno-106 probably the most used in my all tracks.

You’re track Curonian Lagoon was featured on the 13 years of Akbal Music, can you tell us a bit more about this release?
I was working on EP for someone else and actually Robbie Akbal contacted me out of blue and asking if I have something for his 13years anniversary VA. He already supported my other tracks before and I thought that track might fit his label. I was visiting Lithuania with my girlfriend last summer and we went to the resort Town called Nida. They have most amazing desert views there that looks like Sahara. So I called it Curonian Lagoon after that trip. Inspired by ethnic and organic sounds with Balkan influences.

What can we expect from you for 2020?
My remix for Savvas is out 17/04 on Wayu Records. Then original called Dunes Of Nida is out 26/04 on House Music With Love also Remix for Jonathan Rosa should be out too soon on his label Mirrors. Also working on my new EP for someone I can’t tell now and few other projects in pipeline too. Thanks for having me stay safe, stay healthy and be positive! Hugs…