If you live in Montreal and somewhat follow the techno scene, you’ve for sure heard of our next featured artist. Previously known as Gino G, now mostly playing under the alias Atroxx, the young DJ/producer has indubitably been keeping busy this summer.

Atroxx, who is having nothing short of a magnificent year, has quickly been filling his calendar. With over 10 gigs since the beginning of the season, he’s been firing the dance floors across our lovely city: Piknic Electronik, Stereo Montreal (opening for Pleasurekraft, and then Victor Ruiz), Fonderie Darling, Newspeak and SAT to mention a few. You also might have seen him behind the decks at AIM electronic music festival and, more recently, Eclipse. If not, no worries! Atroxx was invited to play at the second edition of the Illusion festival.

Steadily rising to the top, Gino keeps on solidifying his place amongst the top DJs and producers of the techno scene. In fact, some of the DJ’s recent releases have been endorsed and played by some of the greatest DJs in the world. Since June alone, Adam Bayer, Carl Cox, D-Unity, Pan-Pot, Misstress Barbara, Enrico Sangiuliano, Pleasurekraft and Alan Fitzpatrick have all dropped his tracks. The fruit of his labour finally paid out, as he continues to gain the recognition he certainly deserves.

A big thanks to Adam Beyer for dropping "Octave Shift" drops today w/ MarkantonioThanks to Adhdtv for the footage! Grab your copy here -> https://goo.gl/RxK2m9

Posted by Atroxx on Monday, May 21, 2018

Happy Birthday to the legend himself, Carl Cox. Glad to be part of the celebrations! ❤️Track ID Atroxx – Anvil (Original Mix) out now on Kraftek

Posted by Atroxx on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Big thanks to Adam Beyer b2b Joseph Capriati for dropping my track "Anvil" at the Sonar Festival! Available now on Kraftek!#CosmicTechno

Posted by Atroxx on Saturday, June 30, 2018


It’s no surprise Atroxx was chosen for this third instalment of our MTL Grown series. But what does it take to make it in this industry? Atroxx opens up and shares his experience.

HS: When did you get into the music scene? How old were you when you started?

Atroxx: “I did my first show when I was 15, with my metal band Bleeding Halo. We continued to gig for another 3 years.”

HS: Did you come from a musical background?

Atroxx: “Yes, I do come from a musical background! My father owns Lasalle Music Academy; I believe it’s been open for 41 years now. When I was about 6 years old, he started me on piano, I then switched to drums at around 10 years old and stuck with it. I also played sax in high school. I have to say, I owe every part of my musical understanding and inspiration to my father. To this day, he continues to support me endlessly.”

HS: Where did you learn your skills?

Atroxx: “At home and at my dads school, for the majority of it. I also took lessons with Ohm Hourani, Tone Depth and Yulian. I learned a lot as well working with Mike Larry & Steven Taylor.”

HS: Did you have any useful connections when you started in the business? 

Atroxx: “No, none at all when it came to electronic music.

HS: Are you signed to any labels?

Atroxx: “Yes I am, as Atroxx I am signed with Kraftek, Phobiq, Analytic Trail, Funk’n Deep and Unity Records to name a few. I do not like to sign with too many labels. I like to keep a tight relationship with the ones I am on.”

HS: Do you DJ, produce, or do both? Which one do you prefer and what would you say is the main difference?

Atroxx: “I do both, as it is an absolute must to build a solid career. I honestly love to do both, but 99% of my time goes towards productions. It is my absolute therapy. Also, I live in a condo so I don’t really get the chance to DJ outside gigs.”

HS: What’s your ideal/preferred DJing set up?

Atroxx: “Right now, I am running traktor with my X1 controller. I just purchased a Roland SPD pad which I intend to incorporate in my shows giving a semi live feeling to it, as well I am buying the Elektron Rytm MK2 to add to my semi live experience. My end goal is to do shows that are half DJ/half live sets, mixed in and out.”

HS: What’s your preferred BPM?

Atroxx: “I like to start at 130, when I’m headlining.”

HS: How would you describe your style/genre?

Atroxx: “Atrox by latin definition means fierce, savage, bloody, cruel. I come from a Metal background and try to express that in my music.”

HS: You’ve started as Gino G and lately have been playing under Atroxx, can you tell us about the alias and the reasons behind its creation?

Atroxx: “Gino G was a stage where I was trying to find my sound. I was making anything from deep house to indie to tech house to techno. It played a major part of finding myself. As Ostrich would always say, I’m a scatterbrain, I cannot stick to making just one genre of music and Gino G allows me to do that without any judgment. I created Atroxx because of the record label, Moan. When I had signed to their VA they told me that they couldn’t sign Gino G as it reminded them too much of people in their home town in Italy. I took this opportunity to create an alias that would be strictly aggressive music.”

HS: What piece of equipment could you not live without?

Atroxx: “My Macbook or, to be more specific, Ableton.”

HS: What are your career aspirations?

Atroxx: “Definitely to play awakenings, be an artist streamed on Cercle, grow my record label Starskream and, above all, I want to be the kind of artist that inspires others, the way my hero’s do for me.”

HS: Tell us about your career and style evolution;

Atroxx: “My style has definitely changed over time. I started off playing deep house (which I still love), but as time progressed I started to get recognized more for my “techno” productions and went with that. At the end of it all, even my deep house had a dark feel to it. I definitely relate to both just the same.”

HS: Who’s your biggest musical inspiration and favorite DJ/producer?

Atroxx: “There is not one musical inspiration but many, Slipknot plays a MAJOR factor, Nine Inch Nails, Maetrik and Danny Tenaglia. Favorite DJ would be Danny Tenaglia. My fav producer changes every week, right now it would be Robert S.”

HS: What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played for?

Atroxx: “Not sure, it could be the Piknic Electronik gig closing the old location or maybe in Costa Rica. I think there was a couple thousand people at Vertigo.”

HS: Which venues have you played and do you have a preferred one?

Atroxx: “I played a warehouse in Los Angeles, which was really cool, Vertigo in Costa Rica is another one of my favourites. Comfort Zone in Toronto was actually incredible, wish that place was still open and, of course, without a doubt Stereo Montreal.

HS: Does your musical style change according to the location/country?

Atroxx: “Locations yes, country not so much. I always play my style I just tend to bend it a bit. Depends on the time, the people and the location.”

HS: Where would you like to play next?

Atroxx: “Europe! Anthony has something in the works for me for fall. So fingers crossed with that.”

HS: What are the biggest challenges in order to achieve your goals?

Atroxx: “Time management, confidence and inspiration.”

HS: In the coming months, do you have any exciting gigs or new music coming out?

Atroxx: “Gigs yes, I had Eclipse Festival and Stereo with Victor Ruiz at the end of July. Beginning of August, I’m playing in Bogota Colombia, then, for the first time, I am headlining a festival not far from Toronto! We have Honduras, L.A and Germany in the works for the fall and winter 2018-19.

Music I am holding back on, I have tons of new productions. I have my goal labels that I want to sign with and, for now, those are the only few labels I am willing to work with. (Apart from remixes)”

HS: In your opinion, what does it take to make it in this business?

Atroxx: “Dedication. The minute you give up, you lose. I know that it is very broad, but it works in all aspects of the business.”

HS: If you had 1 piece of advice to give newcomers, what would it be?

Atroxx: “Don’t listen to anybody, do you and only you. Take everybody’s advice with a grain of salt. Stay focused and don’t worry about what other artists are doing.”


The next few months look very bright for the Montreal-based DJ/producer. Between the numerous gigs and the various forthcoming new productions, the name Atroxx shouldn’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Catch him at the Illusion Festival on Sunday August 12th, 2018

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