Fresh, sharp, edgy. Self described « Hip-Hop rooted, House & Techno Kung-Fu Master », his spark sets dance floors all over the world alight. Loco Dice (Desolat, OvumCocoon…) has pumped out a new energetic burst of a track, Roots, from his forthcoming album, Love Letters. He commands the listener’s attention with swift rhythmic progression, dynamic breaks and a timeless layered techno, one that looks simultaneously to the past and present for inspiration.

  Roots’ groove is straight to the point, concocted by steadfast drum loops, dark ambient vocals and trippy buzzing synths. 

But what are the roots in question? They grow from his native Dusseldorf, with a decade of residency at Tribehouse, to Tunisia and Middle-Eastern folk sounds and stories. They bud in bustling Brooklyn, where he founded Desolat Music Group with the immensely talented Martin Buttrich.  They run wild across different scenes, from Detroit Techno raves to 90s Hiphop jams. They thrive in the here and now, feeding on an intelligent absorption of modern subcultures and sounds, tackling house and techno head on, relentlessly pursuing variety. 

The track hits that sweet spot, the one where you get lost on the dance floor.

This weekend, the dance floor in question comes alive to celebrate 5 banging years of FrontRite along with the Destination SXM contest series – a stellar opportunity to win passes to the Caribbean festival, some of which include transport, hotels and surprises. Along with local promoter LOUDxCLEAR, this organizing groups are decking out the Entrepôt Dominion warehouse with a state-of-the-art sound system, powered by Void Acoustics, and lighting concept that’s making waves within the scene, brought to life by Creative Lab. Check out the event here.

FrontRite 5 Year Reduced Ticket – Limited Offer

Due to the fact that we have received a great deal of feedback that the party is simply too expensive we have decided with great exception to reimburse the difference to all ticket holders and offer a bunch of tickets at 40$+sv.It is our 5 year anniversary, a big collaboration and the beginning of many great nights to come, you have voiced that you all want to be present so here is your chance. As more than half of the tickets are sold it is in your best interest to buy now as we don't expect this deal to last.See you on Saturday!P.S. This viral video is our inspiration for our lighting concept brought to you by Creative Lab.

Posted by FrontRite on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Find out what to expect from SXM as founders Julian Prince and Driss Skali work their magic onto the opening slot, followed by a deep voyage with Dakap and the memorable groove of Moody Jones bringing up the rear.

His real name, Dice Corleone, is about as badass as his sound. Resolutely urban, Dice escapes the ordinary and bashes through musical boundaries to create genre fusion across genres, notably techno and Hiphop. « I want to change something with my music, trigger emotions » he says on a cool, worth your while interview with Mike Boorman, above. You can get a taste of how he fuses different musical forms and influences by looking at his eclectic inspirations playlist.

This memorable immersive evening will celebrate five glorious years of the FrontRite community, stacked with good sound, music, visuals and vibes. This one’s a no brainer, enjoy.

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Article by Lola Baraldi.

Photos by Hyte.