The Art Vibes Reworks II project started as a crazy idea during summer 2018. This fall, it’s finally seeing daylight. If you’ve been following Art Vibes for a while, you may be familiar with release of the first reworks edition back in September 2017,  including 10 revisits of its early tunes. The first edition included explorative reworks from Anatolian Sessions, Beyond Physical, Boshoco, John Lead and more. As the Art Vibes catalogue grew bigger, it became inevitable to offer a fresh outlook on the tracks people have danced to in many locations around the globe.
For this year’s edition of Reworks, many respected producers took a chance at remixing their favorite tunes from the label. Artists like Sahalé, Savvas, Kapoor & Indygo, Max Tenrom, Arjuna Schiks, Haze-M, Beyond Physical, Veytik, Mel7em, Pandhora, Keybe & SEGG, Hrag Mikkel, Valeron, Menachem 26, Ask & Midø, Anatolian Sessions, Dizharmonia, Estray, Rafael Aragon, and Nacim Gastli gifted the compilation with crafty reworks. You can find the full roster here or in the compilation below.

The album is divided in four parts, each part showcasing 5 tracks and representing a season of the year. Traveling from spring to winter, summer to fall, the sounds move gracefully from soothing electronica and downtempo to the dynamic sounds of progressive house and melodic techno. Whether you’re having winter in summer or fall in spring, we wish this album suits you well and can be a proper medium for dance, relaxation and art enlightenment.