Husa Sounds has been cooking up a storm for 2018 – and we’re just getting started.

Everyone loves a good throwback. They conduct familiar sounds from the back of our minds to the front, tickle our senses, open doors on shelved memories and remind us of art we meant to check out but didn’t. There’s – thankfully – no way to keep on top of all the amazing music releases coming out these days. In this light, the best we can do is to give you a chance to catch up on amazing art from our favorite performers and labels.

Introducing the shiny new Throwback Series, geared to bring you back beats that you might have loved, or missed. Once per month, we will sprinkle our Soundcloud with a past release that deserves a little more time in the spotlight, shedding some light on it’s sound and story.

To kick things off, we throw it back aboard a gentle and aerial trip. At the wheel, we have two mystical ladies – Oona Dahl and Dugong – and the energetic Sweet Anomaly, all operating in total synergy.

Oona remixes What May Come, originally a driven indie-electro ballad swelling with magic. The track and its remix are both part of Dugong’s Dead Man Rising EP, first release of the Berlin-based incandescent techno label Occultists, “here to spread ancient teachings through dance, music, culture and magic”.

Oona’s remix is poetic and cosmic, gliding over soft techno skylines. It picks up steam to the tune of ethereal voice samples that punctuate an alluring bass line. These soaring notes ascend and lightly land onto the thudding beat. In turn, the beat vanishes, clearing the horizon for isolated haunting vocals summoning a “beautiful” and “peaceful place”. The vocals are gradually enveloped once more by dreamy pulses, satisfying our need for rhythm.

The vocals simultaneously seem far away, enough to evoke echoes, but close enough to fruitfully communicate emotion. Sparkling sound effects portray Oona’s musical spirituality and desire to conjure journeys with her sound. Catch her spark below in the recap of her recent event with Husa Sounds at Newspeak Montreal.

Öona Dahl | Adam Husa – Recap Video

Here's a little recap of our night at Newspeak last Friday with Öona Dahl & Adam Husa.🎥:: Feliks

Posted by Husa Sounds on Thursday, January 18, 2018


Down to earth yet up in the stars, this song evokes a variety of vibes, from escapement to turmoil to fulfillment to melancholy. And isn’t that the promise of a great track? The ability to refract multifaceted feelings, adapting itself to personal sensibilities, perspectives and interpretations.

Occultists is making a name for itself through releases of dark, innovative and artfully brooding tracks. Not one to settle, this label explores the techno sphere to bring you thought-provoking pieces.

The Dead Man Rising EP is a work exploring contrasts, between destruction and rebirth, life and death, optimism and fatalism. It seeks to “understand the seemingly final or negative events in life from an enlightened angle and perceiving them as something positive with a new hope or a possibility to grow”. This emotionally blooming track succeeds doing this, in a deliciously haunting manner.

Dugong is a Filipino-Swiss-German producer who travels through soundscapes and philosophies with experimentalism and mysticism. Check out her artistic persona in this live-painting video below, featuring her hypnotic song To Burn Alive, remixed by Falko Brockseiper. 

Throwbacks are a way to keep keep our community in tune with what keeps it going in the first place. Rendez-vous next month for another worthy highlight!

Dead Man Rising EP Available here. 

Article by Lola.