Art is the first word that comes to mind when you look at Shades of Blk’s imprint Blk Box Recordings.

The duo’s melodic techno, along with their thought-provoking titles and poetic twists, make it obvious that Shades of Blk reach deep into their emotional realm to produce their unique sound. Not to forget Yasmeen Ayesh’s unforgettable artwork, which also distinguishes the label so effortlessly.

Woe & Lies Beneath (Shades of Blk) @ Piknic Electronic 2015
Woe & Lies Beneath (Shades of Blk) @ Piknic Electronic 2015

It’s already been a full year since the label’s beginning. The duo have focused releases of Shades of Blk originals, as well originals from their solo alias’, respectively Woe & Lies Beneath. All that on top of a remix by Drumcode’s Manic Brothers and before long, another by Ground Factory’s founder Kalden Bess.

Blk Box Recordings marked its 11th release with Woe’s two track EP titled “When the Glass Breaks”. Rather than their usual dance floor oriented Blk Box releases, Woe implemented more dubby & hypnotic elements to his signature melancholic chime.  

Today, for their 1 year anniversary, we have the honour to premiere the EP on our channel. The official release date is schedule for May 30th