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Author: admin

Vujaday Artist Spotlight | The Story of Borella

Written by on 23 June 2019

Husa Sounds sent one of our biggest music lovers, Amel Seriani, to Vujaday to wander, connect and see what she could unearth. Drawing from her notes, one of her favourite discoveries was of Toronto local DJ, Borella, who was booked by the i love promise collective; they enjoyed the sleekness of her set so much […]

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Stephanie-Sykes axis montreal reflection

Event | Montreal Invites Stephanie Sykes for a Warehouse Valentines Day

Written by on 6 February 2019

Consider this your official invite to the most anticipated underground event of the winter. Taking place on Valentine’s Day weekend, AXIS Music (in partnership with AlpaKa Productions, Awsum Kulture, Inner Circle, Arder, Agora Crew, Agora Collective, OCTOV and Silent Monkey) presents Reflection; an industrial techno party boasting an orgasmically good lineup and decor designed to peak all your […]

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Artist Spotlight | Xique-Xique’s Ambient Magic

Written by on 25 April 2018

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” – Anna Quindlen A true story teller guides their readers through characters and imagery with a fluid complexity. Xavier Fabre [The Magic Movement, Voodoohop], or more commonly known as his artist name Dunwich or Xique-Xique […]

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Event | Djuma Soundsystem Makes his Daomé Debut

Written by on 19 April 2018

As winter’s grip begins to slip from the city and the first hints of spring lurk just around the corner, the rising appeal of brighter, warmer music is inevitable. The power of sound to evoke emotion is incredibly potent, and those looking to kick start their own personal thaw have an excellent opportunity to dive […]

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Miyagi Montreal 2018

Soaring On A New Cloud With Miyagi & Mike Haddad: Crossroads

Written by on 23 January 2018

This Friday, you will be soaring on a new cloud if you happen to catch Mike Haddad and Miyagi at Velvet. Both familiar faces, one local, the other international, the vibe they bring is unique yet similar. This is the penultimate show of Miyagi‘s latest tour, which celebrates his new album Scene from a Dream, […]

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dj sur glace montreal

Ride the Cold out in Style with DJ on Ice Thursdays!

Written by on 4 January 2018

As Montrealers, we are known for our affinity for live music as much as we are by our ability to withstand freezing cold temperatures for unnaturally long periods of time. We come by the thousands to attend Igloofest every year – blissfully dancing the night away in sub-zero temperatures. Here’s another musical winter event to […]

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apollo 2018 revolution nye joel mull last night on earth montreal

Joel Mull is taking Montreal To The Moon On NYE! ☾

Written by on 21 December 2017

This New Years Eve, FrontRite is bringing forth the third instalment of the Apollo Series: Revolution. Bringing stars to your eyes and techno to your ears, Revolution is dedicated to providing the most badass atmosphere to usher in 2018 for our favorite local music lovers. As captain of the mission, we’ll have Stockholm techno legend, owner […]

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Paolo Rocco Launches Vinyl Only Imprint: RAWMoments

Written by on 20 December 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, let us take a moment to reflect on the beats that have blessed our ears, and then let’s take another to get excited about what we have to look forward to in the new year. Montreal producer Paolo Rocco’s new RAWMoments imprint launch captures this spirit of looking both […]

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