The most exciting night of the year is about to hit Montreal! Nuit Blanche sees activities flowing from daylight to nighttime in every corner of the city. With the STM showing their support by opening public transportation all night long, Nuit Blanche is the perfect opportunity for those of us who live far to finally enjoy celebrating late into the night, making it home without worry. Every year, the thematic enveloping the night’s many activities morphs into a new one; last year’s “future”, has given way to the colour “green”, with venues free to interpret it as they wish. This program is for the most part family friendly, and many options are absolutely free. In light of this occasion, we made a list of our top 5 activities that we’d recommend you should check out for the 2020 edition!

La Nuit blanche à VOX : Mathieu Cardin et Monique Moumblow

free – 5pm until midnight

This one looks like an interesting affair… Spend a night at the museum at the VOX Contemporary Image Center. Using decor, illusion effects and video surveillance, Mathieu Cardin’s ‘What the Frog’s Eye Tells the Frog’s Brain’ exhibition will involve you equally as a spectator and participant! At the same time, you will be able to discover video installations of artist Monique Moumblow. Click here for more info

vox nuit blanche montreal 2020


La Nuit Mystique at Newspeak

~20$ – 10pm until 3am

Who wants to travel through another realm one more time?  On this night, using sound and light, one will be able to enter the phenomenon inside the the aurora borealis, with intense vibrations coming from atmospheric collisions. So as you walk through the heart of Montreal exploring the Nuit Blanche activities, make sure you stop by Newspeak, climb up the stairs, and witness electrified, charged particles in the solar wind colliding with atmospheric atoms.

Rituel urbain et peinture collective

free – 10pm until midnight

Located in the majestic Gesù church, the ritual starts with your deepest wish, written down and handed to artist Marie Roberge. She will then proceed to burn them, making a transformative paint using ashes from the fire. The participants will collectively conjure a painting with these paint, in a cathartic moment of unity.

nuit blanche montreal free

24 Hours of Vinyl + Foire du Disque

~20$ – 9pm until 9pm

Presented by Discogs & created by Music Is My Sanctuary in collaboration with Agora de la danse and Tangente Danse, Bar à Vinyle will be open for 24 hours straight. This one is always a hit for vinyl-heads and whoever is lucky enough to stop by. From 9pm on February 29th to 9pm on March 1st, all 24 djs on the lineup will strictly play vinyl! Oh and did we mention that you will be able to purchase records on the spot?

nuit blanche 24 hours of vinyl

Vertigo (FREE)

free – 10pm until 3am

Ausgang Plaza and Festival du Nouveau Cinema come together for a mysterious immersive trip. Do you like virtual reality? If you haven’t tried it yet, this is your chance…  Within the presence of local DJs and the videographaer Baz‘s green room experiences, this is a vibe we don’t want to miss out on.

nuit blanche montreal


We hope you have a wonderful Nuit Blanche in Montreal! Be open, be safe, be curious!