To put it simply, SXM is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world. Beautiful in its location, local culture, and of course, its music. The festival finds itself on the heart of the stunning island in the Caribbean – St. Martin – for its 4th edition. Amidst the wondrous art, nature, and world-class production that SXM has to offer, St. Martin will host a plethora of both elite and up-and-coming artists from the underground House and Techno scenes. 

It seems only fitting that Saint Martin is often called “The Friendly Island” as the locals welcome tourists with open arms and big smiles. This adds to the tremendous setting for this festival, in which the art, music, and people meld together to create something that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s a world-wide migration of music-lovers and artistic souls.

To feel the magical nature of the festival, the Deco team has set out to curate a breathtaking experience in the production design of their sets. Meticulously crafted and incorporative of the surrounding nature at St Martin, the recuperating artists detailed the sets by using 90% recycled material. This ties in with SXM’s dedication to leaving a lighter carbon footprint. The use of LED and solar lights to save energy, incorporating paperless materials and eliminating plastic waste lead the festival’s mission to become sustainable.  You can find these handcrafted set-ups nestled deep within the jungle, on party boats and beaches, and of course, venues and clubs. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most forward-thinking acts that you’ll be in the presence of during the festival.


A native to Montréal, Kora blends sophisticated sounds with organic and stimulating elements to curate inspiring voyages through his music. He’s been at the forefront of the local electronic scene, after recently launching his esteemed record label ‘Saisons’. There’s no doubt that his raw and soulful outlook in music will transcend to St Martin and the festival it beholds. 


One of the most impressive acts out of North America, his 2017 album “Migration” swept the electronic music scene away. A style that has listeners dumbfounded in the face of Bonobo’s creativity, SXM proudly give him the stage to groove it out. 


“The music I play is uplifting and positive,” BLOND:ISH tells SXM. “There’s no darkness, no minimal. My download in terms of musical vibe is to present positive, happy and inspirational house and techno music to excite your seven senses.” A perfect fit for the world-class line-up of the festival. 

Britta Arnold

Honing her upbringing in Berlin through her music, Britta Arnold’s sound can be described as edgy, hypnotic, and… cosmic. She offers the epitome of what a set can present: an intergalactic journey of music with friends and lovers. 

Gab Rhome

Another incredibly talented artist hailing from Montréal, Gab Rhome will surely bring his intimate and exceptional talent in connecting rhythm to the soul. His ability to transcend a groove in a playful and emotional way is unparalleled. Not an artist to miss.

These are just a few of the outstanding acts that’ll be performing throughout the week. Every artist on the line-up is there for a reason. Each with their own meticulous approach to music, you’ll definitely be going home with a sense of unparalleled inspiration. 

While this event is particularly exciting, it’s been a heavy week for festivals around the world. The novel COVID-19 epidemic has caused music festivals such as Ultra Music Miami to cancel their programs. More and more events are succumbing to the social and economic consequences of the virus, and those who’ve booked their travels for the summer may be facing such let-downs. For now, let’s dance where we can. Thankfully one of the most tremendous places is still running their festival, and that’s none other than St Martin with SXM.