Miyagi is one of those names that just keeps on bringing good energy to the table.  The constant delivery of quality material has won the Lost Diaries label boss astonishing success over the years. With releases on labels such as Supernature, Einmusika Recordings, and Katermukke to name a few, we’re hooked! We’ve had the opportunity to book this talented act twice in the past years, for his Montreal debut and a Dreamworld expedition. Both times, we’ve come face to face with magical evenings and palpable appreciation from his local fanbase… Based on his reception at home, we can only imagine Miyagi’s thoughtful, rippling sound hitting venues all over the world. This weekend, the Germany based musician returns to Montreal, but this time inside our beautifully acoustically treated venue Stereobar!

2019 is coming to an end, and we see it has been quite a year for you! Can you tell us about some of your highlights?

To be honest, 2019 was one of the toughest years for me so far. I was struggling with a heart muscle inflammation for months and I can still sometimes feel the aftereffects. My body felt like I was 70 years old. I had to shut down my work and played less gigs. Since then I try to live my life healthier and take more time for myself. Anyway, I managed to be on amazing festivals and parties all around the world. A real highlight was the show at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Playing in this setting was quite unique.

How do you feel about playing at Stereobar, in a room of such sound quality? Are there sounds you’d like to experiment with while there?

I’ve only heard good things about Stereobar so far and many DJs love the sound system. But I also associate Canada with other beautiful experiences and events, so I’m all the more looking forward to Montreal. I’ll try to create the perfect vibe for this evening.

What is your favorite label at the moment and why?

I like the sound of Afterlife. The label always makes me dream. I also like the politics behind, because they also focus on newcomers and give talented artists the opportunity to release on such a big label.

What is your favorite aspect, the one you get the most excited about, in the process of making music? 

In the past, I found finding ideas the most exciting and finishing a song the most difficult. Today it’s the other way around. I love arranging music and falling in love with details.

What can we expect from you in 2020?

The biggest project will be my new album. I’ve often said that I like to produce albums because you don’t have the pressure to produce music for clubs or festivals. You can let your creativity run wild and go in all directions. Let’s see if the plan works out at the end and we hear the follow-up of Scene From A Dream in 2020.

Catch Miyagi spinning at Stereobar on Saturday alongside our homegrown talent Mike Haddad.


Cover photo courtesy of Lens Flare Smith