Montreal continues blossoming to the tune of fresh collectives and concepts; the new kid on the block, Sous Sol, pledges to invigorate hot August days with a deep breeze hovering in the city sky. Solstice au Myst presents a luminous recipe for a night gorging in good vibrations, materializing at Myst Sur Une Terrasse, where the summer sun is best experienced with a little mist touching your skin.. This hidden outdoor strip towers over Quartier des Spectacles, drizzling musical notes down onto the festive ecosystem below.

Solstice wants you to connect with the city, with the local artists and community who sculpt its scene, with a gorgeous Montreal panorama, with bass-lines floating directly to the heart, and of course, with yourself on the dancefloor. For this opening night, the terrace will welcome Laurence Matte, Dexter CroweArtphorm and Sinca in their midst – a locals only lineup of figures known for twirling through exotic shades of sound, landing on groovy percussive grounds. This event will take place rain or shine! In case of the former, the party will continue inside Myst’s 2000sqft penthouse space, formerly known as Pandore. Due to the venue’s limited capacity, we encourage you to procure your ticket in advance.

Laurence Matte’s commanding trips of deep house make waves across Montreal waters, flowing through residencies at PY1 and Soubois, as well as in international appearances at SXM and Do Not Sit Miami. With sets full of spunk, swift grooves and sly surprises, this will be the occasion to catch her spinning in a more intimate setting. Below, one of her mystical PY1 mixes, played for the World Premiere evening in June.

Dexter Crowe has developed a dedicated musical presence splashed with taste, imagination and flavor. Resident DJ at Nhau bar, he’s recently performed at PY1 and Piknic Electronik among others, as well as opened for solar artists like Blond:Ish, Luttrell and Niko Schwind. This summer has seen him co-found the collective, label and multimedia project Halaken Records in collaborative alchemy with world musician magician Mercan Dede.

Artphorm’s music speaks to mind before body, opening windows onto the creative process of an artist tackling music at its essence, with the utmost attention, affection and emotion. Through producing and mixing, this key member of Husa Sounds and L’Enfant Terrible reaches towards what lies at the heart of our listening experience, arranging art, movement, sound, mood and ambiance as his puzzle pieces. We’re still rinsing our ears with the soft Madonna remix he recently released.

This week saw the addition of Sinca to the evening, bringing in an eloquent DJ who’s recently caught eyes and ears at venues like Village au Pied-du-Courant and the wonderful Illusion Festival. Her groove-infused, driving opening set for Kora at Piknic will put you right where you need to be as you look ahead to Solstice au Myst this week-end; this deep swirl of an event balances an appetizing concept with talented cooks. We look forward to getting lost in its mist.



Article: Lola Baraldi