Yay! We did it! We discovered a new night for the night crawlers and the electronic music addicts (you’re welcome). Club Pelicano, self described as a “peculiar bar in heart of downtown Montreal” has partnered up with HOAVI Experience to create a new portal to enter. Natural Habits, a place where you can let your self go and dance to deep tropical beats that will have you feeling like you’re in Tulum.

Decorated by ZooZoo Creations, your mindset changes while you melt into the music, besides, we all know if there’s a disco ball, we are most definitely going to be dancing under it! Having booked Montreal favourites, such as Jimmy Be, Mike Haddad, and Jesse Zotti to name a few; you know HOAVI have good taste in music.

HOAVI Experience is putting Club Pelicano on the map and its exciting to see how its growing!

On Saturday Feb 9th, was the debut of Natural Habits. DAVIAN, a local artist who has been taking Montreal by storm (pun intended), set the standard high for what to expect musically. He has had previous performances at Burning Sun & FrontRite presents Revolution:Divine, both popular events in the electronic music scene in Montreal. He is fully equipped to blow patrons away with his melodic sound.  Natural Habit was a night filled with deep and progressive house. DAVIAN’s genuine energy immediately filled the room with warmth! Here is his recorded set from NYE where he performed with live violinist Marika Fellegi…it is fantastic!

This is just the beginning of something special. The music, the people and vibe of last Saturday was impeccable. I am almost hesitant to share this beautiful secret with you all.

Tomorrow, Club Pelicano will feature Manuel Nunez, and  Fuentes. Both are talented artists, who will have you dancing so much & make you forget about the snow outside! Just so you can start feeling what type of vibe this will be, i added an original track by Fuentes released on Husa Sounds below to get you pumped up for tomorrow!

I hope to see you all in your tropical wear, comfy shoes and positive energy this Saturday and every other Natural Habits night at Club Pelicano. Hats off to HOAVI Experience for creating a safe & fun environement for us music lovers to connect love and dance!


See you on the dance floor!

photos by:

Fred Lacasse