A little birdie told me that the Berlin queen herself is debuting in Vancouver on June 2nd!!!! Thanks to Deep House Vancouver! Mira….from Kater Blau to Open Studios just to play for you!!!

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Open Studios, in my opinion,  one of Vancouver’s best venues will be hosting Mira with an all kick ass female line-up including Niki Sadeki and Aida! Deep House Vancouver is doing everything right….and it’s about time!

This is big, reaaal big… the fact that Mira is booked in Vancouver shows good things are coming for the beautiful west coast treasure!!  Mira is one of my top producers with her trippy downtempo beats and unique range of genres in her sets. Anyone who has experienced her endless sets already understands why Berlin so holds in such high regard the particular sound created by her. A soulful, mesmerizing sound that sinks under your skin and leaves you with a feeling of deep warm-heartedness. I’ve seen her in KaterBlau playing a  4 hour set that I just did not want to end, I saw her at the Brooklyn Mirage playing alongside Powel and other amazing talents and if you kept up with my previous post, I saw play at a villa after party in Bahrain where her presence was the big surprise to all the attendees…Each time her set was unique, exploding with unique samples and she never hesitated to throw in a hint of psychedelia. Below is her Mira im Tal set…..a set that i’ve played over 200 times…

To excite you even further we have Niki Sadeki who will be supporting Mira. Her deep hard hitting bassy sounds will be perfectly harmonious to Mira’s mesmerizing sounds. Niki Sadeki has exploded from Vancouver and has been booked internationally putting Vancity on the house music map! This talented artist also founded Deep House Vancouver in the Fall of 2016. Niki Sadeki did not have any specific plans other than to create a space for artists (locally and globally) to share their music. Today, her goal is to expand it into a broader community in order to engage and unify its listeners through the various sounds it explores. Niki has big dreams and plans for Deep House Vancouver, so we will see where the journey takes us. Below is Niki Sadeki Flux.FM Mix..enjoy

Aida who is also part of the trifecta that night is known for her melodic sounds and deep bass. I was lucky enough to see her play at Kater Blau alongside Madota who are another Vancouver bred DJ duo. Catch Aida swimming in ever-changing musical tides while she plays and entrances her audience. I’ve found the set that I heard at Kater Blau last year!!! Enjoy!!

This will be a wonderful event, and I know Vancouver’s fans will not disappoint! Get your KaterBlau glitter ready, wear your comfiest shoes and dance like there is no tomorrow!  This event is the first of its kind and I am so excited for you!

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