Montreal clubbers’ insatiable appetite for all things melodic and progressive is out of the question, and Calluna looks to feed this need with a taste of one of Berlin’s most exciting emerging artists, Sam Shure. The German deep house connoisseur will be sharing the amalgamation of his broad range of influences alongside local talent Riico this Saturday the 14th of April at Maison2109. [ event ]

Raised in Germany by internationally recognized ambassador of Egyptian Jazz Basem Darwisch, Shure has had the opportunity to appreciate his cultural and music background, as well as develop his skill as a pianist, for the vast majority of his life. This traditional introduction to music has combined with Sam’s love for the dancefloor in order to introduce a timeless oriental sound to contemporary crowds. Shure’s sets are defined by unflinching loyalty to his roots, mixed with the cutting edge of Berlin’s long history of electronic music. Oud samples sit comfortably next to synthesized basslines in a way that exposes the listener to the best of these two seemingly contrasting worlds.

This unique sound has served Shure well, opening the doors of notable Berlin venues such as Sisyphos, Watergate, and Kater Blau, as well as securing him a residency at the monthly madness that is Bordel des Arts. In addition to this impressive catalogue of local performances, stamps from Turkey, Russia, Mexico, and Israel can be found in Sam’s passport, demonstrating the wide appeal of his signature style.

Shure’s credibility as a DJ has allowed for a smooth transition to the role of producer, and his diverse influences truly shine in his original works. His first foray into releasing his own music came in the form of his Dumra EP, a four track collection released on Mukke records that performed outstandingly for a debut, cracking the top five of the Beatport progressive house chart. Follow up offerings with Bar 25 Music, Katermukke, and Stil vor Talent have been equally well received, and showcase a sound that Sam is continuously refining in order to best communicate his artistic vision.

Setting the stage for the evening will be Riico, a well-known figure in Montreal dance culture who frequently performs alongside some of the best international talent that is brought to the city. An excellent match for Sam, Riico is sure to open in a way that will be cohesive and connective, creating a truly immersive experience for those lucky enough to secure tickets to this intimate event.

article by Robin Gawn