As winter’s grip begins to slip from the city and the first hints of spring lurk just around the corner, the rising appeal of brighter, warmer music is inevitable. The power of sound to evoke emotion is incredibly potent, and those looking to kick start their own personal thaw have an excellent opportunity to dive into some summer sound with Djuma Soundsystem, next Thursday April 26th at the new location of Le Salon Daomé.

A veteran of the European electronic scene, this Norwegian producer and Dj has been making people move with his ecletic track selection and wealth of original works for more than a decade. After catapulting to international relevance with the smashing success of his 2007 release Les Djinns, Mikkas remains relevant with a style that has continued to evolve and expand on the sound that has propelled him to prominence. Although many will recognize Les Djinns due to the ear catching string sample it rips from the 1986 cut Turkish Showbiz by Atilla Engin, his contemporary productions following this breakthrough track display the development of an artist that has moved away from a dependence on samples and towards the communication of his melodic messages through original sound design. This shift has resulted in a modern Djuma sound that is less derivative, more unique, and ultimately more appealing. His latest releases, such as Disambigua, a collaboration with Westerby, and a remix of RobosonicsDrowning, are prime examples of Mikkas growth as a producer.

Outside of the studio, the Djuma Soundsystem name is backed by gigs at some of the most respectable venues worldwide, from the legendary Space Ibiza to the incredible castle rave which is Exit festival in Serbia. Dj sets that find continuity in emotion and atmosphere rather than genre are the norm, which draw from all corners of deep and tech house in order to craft a dancefloor vibe that clubbers will find refreshing, yet accessible. Mixing is always deliberate and in time, a testament to the value of years of practiced performance. 

Rounding out the evening will be opening sets from Nic Falardeau and Andrés Velilla, two prolific local performers whose creative output complements that of Djuma perfectly. Well versed in the many variations of deep house and techno, these two artists will set the stage for what is sure to be a memorable experience.

Article by Robin Gawn