“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” – Anna Quindlen

A true story teller guides their readers through characters and imagery with a fluid complexity. Xavier Fabre [The Magic Movement, Voodoohop], or more commonly known as his artist name Dunwich or Xique-Xique (a project with Biba Graeff), writes whimsical stories not through words but through music. Page by page he paints a euphoric setting filled with ambient whisperings of sunshine and dialogues between the constellations at about 100 beats per minute.
Submerge in the soft rhythmic session complied for MUZO Creative:

When it comes to productions, the work with his musical partner Biba Graeff is hailed for its timeless release on The Magic Movement, the Xaxoeria EP [MAGIC06]. This
bundle of unique originals and a remix by Nicola Cruz will have your head spinning in a trippy trance:

Always staying true to his origin of greenery and continuously bringing hypnotic vibes to dancefloors around the globe, Toronto and Montreal are excited for his debut at two amazing events during the first weekend in May.

Welcome the summer breeze alongside Xique-Xique, the magical artist from São Paulo, Brazil.

Event: Night + Day hosted by With Dimensions, 8day, Floral Nights, Noerg Productions
Friday May 4th, Bloc 66  – Montreal

Event: Sundaze hosted by Summerdaze and Bespoke Experience
Sunday, May 6, 2018, Love Child Social House – Toronto

Article by JeeHee Park