Winter’s now shocking us in full force and honestly, we must admit, we desperately rely on our Friday and Saturday evenings to find a bit of relief in this never ending cold tale. Thankfully for us, some people make a living putting their passion and hard work into delivering parties that aim to put a smile back on our face. And in a magical turn of events, they give us the energy to go through another week of hardship. Husa Sound has it all planned for you next weekend so book your days in advance, ‘cause you surely won’t want to miss this one.

Weirdly wonderful duo Super Flu (Bedrock, Pampa Records) will, along with opening artist Adam Husa, take rising venue OriGn’s dancefloor for the evening. Not crawling under fame just yet, their original and unconventional approach to music will surely keep you dancing all night as it has growingly and successfully done in their home nation Germany and all around Europe.

Their genre is a one of a kind voyage through a multidimensional world where traditional melodies and instrumental instinctive patterns fuse with techno beats and crawling bass, in constantly evolving schemes. You could compare their music to a weirdly pulsating machine, pumping with all kinds of melodies and beats – from techno and house to vocals to traditional drums. After processing the matter, the tightly programmed machine would deliver an expanding, extremely instinctively danceable electro-acoustic mix.

Yeah, hard to follow I know… For the simple reason that it remains difficult to put words together to describe music in general, and it is even harder with such a complex and diversely built up one. So let me drop this here for you to enjoy, hoping that it will speak for itself, shining some light on my interpretation in the process. 

Like grown ups who have not lost their sense of humor, they bring a playful approach to their art, waking up our inner child in a strangely enjoyable dancing frenzy.

In one of their noticeably creative and unconventional music videos, they even use instruments from their childhood to play their music, waking up nostalgic feelings as they deliver unseen visuals and musical oddities.

Their uniqueness in the art is undeniable; as they grow internationally they keep delivering one-of-a-kind gigs around the world, such as playing twice in the same day at New Basement in Frankfurt and CHI by Decadence in fellow neighbour Ukraine. They will be swinging by Montreal this Friday the 16th, before settling in New York for a night to help cure our neighbors’ Trump related depression with music.

So if you are wondering where to go this weekend to forget the cold winter, we invite you to come unveil your inner child with a duo that surely knows how to get people grooving !

Article by Ivan