Friday, January 19th: block off this date in your calendar, as the emblematic DJ Seth Troxler and LA based techno talent Lauren Lane take over StereoBar’s walls for the night.

Now accustomed to the place, Seth Troxler (Wolf+Lamb, Crosstown Rebels, CircusCompany…) is coming back to blow away our ears in the weirdest and most wonderful way. The renowned DJ has been evolving in the night scene since the early 2000s, constantly pushing his game further and expressing himself throughout the numerous record labels and DJ collectives that he created and fully took part in. His constant evolution in the deep, techno and minimal scene got him many awards throughout his career, figuring multiple times in the top of Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJ poll.

Seth, who partly lived in his step dad’s studio at a young age, was introduced to the musical and record world pretty early. He was only 14 when he moved to Detroit and started gaining interest in the underground scene delivered by this effervescent city. Seth’s passion and love for the rave scene could be detected very early on: at 15 years old he booked Magda to perform at his first party, for instance.

This event was a first step into the underground world, a world in which he will become one of the greatest protagonists and influencers. His energy is without limits; in a world where DJs have to constantly deliver new content to stay on top of the charts, he has been running a marathon by averaging 100 gigs a year, marking his spot as one of the most prolific DJs of his time. His proficiency in techno deep house and minimal beats has allowed Troxler to play different styles, adding his touch and bringing his passion into his music. His latest EP, released just a couple of hours ago, demonstrates just that. 

So what can you expect from the guy who co-created the Visionquest collective and label and hosted the annual Need I Say More party? The event has become, since its first gig in 2006, a staple of Detroit Electronic Music Festival‘s after hours. This is just an example of the many amazing parties he’s thrown all over the world this past decade. While exploring many styles, Seth has become a master in electronic music : his perseverance and meticulousness have made him proficient in techno, house, minimal and the list goes on.

A polyvalent DJ able to build up an atmosphere like no other does with wicked drops, acid house transitions and techno beats, he’s a master of his kind whether mixing with vinyls or a digital setup. If you want to get an idea of the talent behind the booth, I strongly recommend giving a listen to his progressive house set in a B2B with the Martinez Brothers, taking place in Lyon’s annual bumping Nuits Sonores

His many shows in music festivals all around the world revealed him as a performer capable of delivering quality mixes for ongoing hours and building up an atmosphere that only he has the secret to: a diverse and dynamic journey demonstrating his excellent skills from house to tech-house or minimal. He was last seen at Stereo celebrating the venue’s 17th birthday, via a memorable B2B alongside Matthew Dear and Paolo Rocco.

Despite his reputation for not giving a fuck, he has shown through his music and career that he is a real professional who gave his life to musical creation. In his latest interviews, Seth appears as a voice for DJs of his time, speaking up for the profession and giving us a state of the art view on his work and life. In this Between the Beats interview 4 years ago, he revealed his personal side and gave us new insight about his profession that is often unknown by the masses :  “It can give you the world, but you can also lose your soul”, in his own words, Seth exposed the fragility of his world picturing a realistic point of view on a career full of fun surely, but hardship too. 

So if you like Seth for his music, you will like him for his genuine aura too, making it almost impossible for you, music lover and rave goers, to miss Stereobar’s Friday event.

And what a continuum this night is! Supporting him is no other than rising female artist Lauren Lane  – voted DJ Mag‘s Best Breakthrough of 2017 – gracing us with her presence. Originally from LA, she is now based in New-York when she is not playing around the globe from Coachella to Ibiza or whatever other worldclass festivals. Often looking towards minimal house, she brings new dimensions to her music, fetching a percussive and groovy touch.

Since the arrival of her 2014 debut EP, Cool Kids (Saved Records), the rising LA-based artist is proof that creating a signature, one-of-a-kind sound is still possible despite the sea of producers reworking a piece. Blending techno beats, loungy basslines and grooving percussions in a weird yet harmonious way, this EP is a glimpse at her talent and creativity in electronic music.

More recently, under edible bEats, she released the Diary of a Madwoman EP, giving a new techno twist to her music and showing constant evolution in her style, always retaining that special touch of hers : a uniquely authentic artist that keeps innovating and making herself a name in the electronic scene.

By now you should have cancelled all your plans for Friday evening and started readying yourself for a night to remember: two beautiful artists who have managed to express their true self through their music – and who are worth the walk in the blistering cold – gathering within those walls, for a night that surely will move us all, in the most weird and enigmatic way.

Article and cover photo by Ivan