Wow, what a New Years!

For those of you who haven’t read my “pre” New Years article I broke it down to my top three anticipated events and after minimal sleep and the love of music I managed to attend all three….plus one because I went out on the 30th to Wildlife at Salon Daome…shhh!

Wildlife 9.0

I started the new year early and attended Wildlife with Borzoo at Salon Daomé on the 30th such an amazing vibe!! I met so many amazing people dancing to some incredible sounds starting with Adam Husa B2B Mike Haddad followed by Borzoo our friendly neighbour from Toronto. Salon Daome filled to the brim with wild animals shaking their tails to the beats of the night, what a perfect end to 2017.

Adam Husa & Mike Haddad

Revolution: Apollo

Front Rite has done it again! When I arrived I was instantly pumped up by the venue, decor, and beautiful people everywhere. The hard-hitting techno DJ’s kept us going Nonstop… Joel Mull Killllled it and had the crowd cheering and dancing and lost in a techno trance during his set… The Apollo theme was perfect and the giant rocket with the visuals mapped on top by the badass Diagraf was so insane, I couldn’t stop staring at it. In addition the visuals and the music, we were able to capture the moment with VOID acoustics bringing the bar up even further. The crowd was wonderful the staff was great and the venue was top notch, people were still pouring in at 5 am to catch a glimpse of this Techno New Year’s party, definitely a huge success!!

About last night… Happy New Years to each and everyone of you! We wish nothing but health & success for 2018. We hope your trust in our parties, music and blog has grown in the past year.Wait until you see what else we got in store for 2018 😈🌴🦍🚀❤️Have a lovely Day 1.

Posted by Husa Sounds on Monday, January 1, 2018


Vision: NYE

Next, I went to Vision: NYE at Stereo and StereoBar. I sadly missed Matthew Dekay but I made sure to catch Matthias Meyer playing at Stereo and boy, he did not disappoint! I walked into Stereo and was just mesmerized by what they did to the place! The projection mapping and the set up were out of this world. At any given time, you could see people staring at the multiple geometric projections all over Stereo thanks to VJ BUNBUN & Shanie & AVX Lab. We danced in the after-hours until 8:30 which is when Monitors came on and they kept the vibe going. With the StereoBar serving alcohol at 8am with the perfect sounds of Nymra & Sophisticated I was the happiest 😉 they’re set was a great way to start the morning of 2018 off!

vision nye montreal stereo afterehours
Visuals by VJ Bun Bun , Shanie & AVX Lab

I managed to stay at StereoBar until noon and decided to go home and nap before Day with Dimensions!

Day with Dimensions:

We arrived at 7 pm and I was devastated when I heard M.RUX played an amazing set earlier than anticipated and I missed it….. However, I was back in my happy place when I got to listen to the sounds of Chiino with his downtempo deep bass Ketapop beats. With the tribal relaxed decor,  I felt like I was back in the Tulum jungle. The crowd was so chill and friendly and together we were riding the same wave of decompression.

day night with dimensions
Othman, Duchesse & Debbie Doe // With Dimensions

If you thought that was the end, it isn’t (Not all heroes wear capes) We decided to close Vision: NYE off at StereoBar, and that is exactly what we did! Green & LaTeez finished the 29-hour marathon off so eloquently and the final crowd danced their hearts out to their set, can’t wait to see them play at Igloofest!

And there you have it, my New Years Montreal marathon. Thanks to Husa Sounds, Front Rite, Vision, Stereo, StereoBar, With Dimensions, Noerg Productions,  Adam Omassi for setting up more events than I know… All the Artists and organizers for putting together their passions and creating different beautiful vibrations for all of us music lovers to Enjoy.

Next big EVENT is Öona Dahl with Adam Husa January 12th at Newspeak! See you on the Danceflooor xoxoxo


article by Hellan