Alright Everyone! Montreal’s favourite time of year is just around the corner: the polar opposite of a harsh Canadian winter, the event that makes it bearable for all of us….IGLOOFEST

igloofest main stage 2017 montreal

The multiple weekend music festival is globally known to be one of the most unique and badass events in the world! There is no wonder they back for their 12th edition. You won’t want to miss this gem of an event, brought to you by the organizers of Piknic Électronik, Montreal’s most popular summer weekly revelry.

These creators work to find the light in the darkest times of the year by bringing together thousands of people – in well below freezing weather – partying to some of the finest music the world has to offer!

Dazzling light shows, upbeat music, and the city’s funkiest people come together to show nature and the world that we keep dancing no matter what the outside weather brings. So, if you love winter, and want to embrace the snow, or hate winter and want to forget that its 20 or more degrees below freezing, this event is perfect for you!

igloofest main stage 2017 montreal
Igloofest main stage 2017 montreal

Because we love you at Husa Sounds, we have compiled our favourite tracks by each artist into a playlist for each WEEKEND!

Opening night January 18th 2018 will blast us off with one local well on his way to take over the world, Kaytranada (QC) who has found international acclaim for his Juno Award-winning debut! Mirroring his set, we have Green & LaTeez and Pascal Daze taking us down a funky deep and tech house road – this trip, you won’t want to miss.

KaytranadA igloofest 2018

On January 19th, we will get to experience vibes from fellow Frenchie  Petit Biscuit (FR) a young sensation who both sold out the Zenith in Paris and blew away the crowds at Osheaga this summer – so looking forward to this one.

Bonobo (DJ Set), a maestro of deep grooves, will follow him up on January 20th.  We’re so lucky to get the chance to move to the enchanting sounds from his Grammy-nominated latest album, Migration.  This music is made to make us believe we are on a tropical island and forget about the dead of Canadian winter…trust!

On the second weekend, we can encounter the likes of a Montreal artist that has been making heavy soulful waves this past year worldwide; our very own Kora. On the same day, Oliver Heldens, who lastly appeared at igloofest in 2015 will be performing on the main stage while Jesse Zotti takes us on a trip with his always melodic sounds.

Misstress Barbara @ Igloofest

January 27th is the musical haven we need. We’ll be seeing the likes of Montreal’s very own Misstress Barbara, whose 6 hour long Piknic set is still fresh in our minds and hearts, and Spain’s Rafa Barrios, signed onto renowned labels headed by Chus & Ceballos, Carl Cox and Coyu. Or Room will be presenting their fresh techno beats with a Montreal zest to their groovy sounds. I’m looking forward to their show this NYE where they will play amongst others at a Apollo Revolution in downtown Montreal!

The weekend of February 2nd will be reserved for the techno lovers! Of course, we have Sasha & John Digweed(GB), masters of their trade, bringing us back into time with timeless sounds. The same night we get to revisit the sounds of our very own Tone Depth (QC) – coming from someone who’s been fortunate enough to dance to his deep tech sounds…I highly recommend not missing him! Honourable mention to local female artist who is back to Igloofest once again Cassandria Davia.

igloofest main stage 2017 montrealMy obsession with melodic and progressive sounds makes me MOOSSSTTTT excited for the night of February 3rd where we get to illuminate love and dancey energy with the beautiful beats of French artists N’To (FR), Worakls (FR) and Joachim Pastor (FR).  All part of the delicious Hungry Music Label. Their cheerful music can transform anyone’s mood from mediocre straight to extreme ecstasy. I’m literally dancing as I’m writing and listening to these guys <3 . We’ll also witness Mike Laz who has played at Time Warp and other festivals, not to mention Berghain in Berlin!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, my friends, that tunnel is winter, and the light is IGLOOFEST


I could happily continue to write about the other 40 plus artists taking us on this staple Montreal rollercoaster but instead, I present the Igloofest 2018 – From January 18th to February 3rd Complete Lineup 🙂 you’re welcome 

      • KIDDY SMILE (FR)
      • HONEYDRIP (QC)
      • OURI (QC)
      • WILLOW BELL (QC)
      • BONOBO – DJ SET(GB)
      • JAYMIE SILK [QC]
      • VILIFY (QC)
      • DEADBOY (GB)
      • THE SHAH (QC)
      • NGHTMRE (US)
      • THE W4RRIORS (QC)
      • IZZY VADIM (QC)
      • KORA (QC)
      • JESSE ZOTI (QC)
      • OR ROOM (QC)
      • XTINE (QC0
      • DJ ESCO (US)
      • BOI-1 DA (CA)
      • FAFA KHAN (QC)
      • VNCE CARTER [QC]
      • TONE DEPTH (QC)
      • PULSES (QC)
      • DB (QC)
      • N’TO (FR)
      • WORAKLS (FR)
      • MIKE LAZ (QC)

There you have it…a compact post equipped with a weekend play by play and FULL lineup 🙂  Don’t forget to purchase your tickets online, HERE they will most definitely sell out. See you on the dancefloor my lovelies!

Article by Hellan

igloofest main stage 2017 montreal