One Night at Sona & The World’s Your Oyster….

This Saturday Nov 18th 2017, you have a rare opportunity to relive one of Montreal’s most epic 90’s underground rave scene spots. Sona was once a cultural laboratory for nocturnal experiences and magical party nights. 514 Group reigned over 90’s nightlife, creating a unique experience that would shape the techno scene here in Montreal, hosting high-calibre locals and internationals – Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin, notably. Nearly a decade later, promoter Eddy Melo is gearing up and coming back strong on the scene!

Without 514 Productions, we wouldn’t be known as one of the most significant party cities by some of the most relevant artists. Expect unique upbeat house, the usual enthralling techno thumps and grooves, and beats that will make you scream for more. Below, catch a legendary set from Sona afterhours 17 years ago by Luc Raymond!!!

Eddy “Crazy” Melo, a veteran of the scene, has used his platform to unite music lovers with a dark underground experience while going above and beyond what’s expected of him. He’s been working tirelessly to create an out-of-the-ordinary night for all of us, and the evening’s program speaks for itself. Crews from multiple cities are waiting to relive the everlasting vibes from Sona.

Visualize a majestic church setting, trippy apostolic dancers, and unbelievable bass with a live organ performer playing as your hairs slowly stand. This is an all-around idyllic event that you may or may not be ready for 😉

Just to add a cherry on top, we have royals_vision gracing us with their skills and moves with all their handmade in MTL designs!!! Their inclusive ideologies will add that extra vibe we need. 


This event is the unveiling of a new era; a new era filled with timeless beats, subversive artists and music junkies.

Saturday, November 18th, will see the launch of the 514 Group in the stunning Théâtre Paradoxe. Thanks to the exceptional participation of the house gangster himself; Dj Sneak, as well as Dj Dan, Luc Raymond, Rob Brown and Max Hébert, we will pay homage to the wild nights of the mythical Sona.

Act fast and get your tickets  [HERE] or simply contact us at Husa Sounds for hard copies. 

article by Hellan