What do Italo-disco, B-rated horror film soundtracks from the 70s, Black Sabbath and 1980s Japanese pop all have in common?

You can find their sounds exploring Marvin & Guy’s broad musical portfolio.

These guys have stories to tell. They do it through kick drums, eclectic sampling, contemporary italo revivalism, groovy bass-lines and impeccable production. This Sunday, their diverse repertoire and creativity will make itself at home in the mesmerizing interior of Salon Daomé, a venue that welcomes internationals and locals alike with the best vibes that MTL can offer. Like the weekly Lofthanza evenings, this DJ-production duo is fun, funky and free spirited.

Marvin & Guy swerve between house, disco and techno configurations in order to extract sounds of soul, funk, new wave, acid and retro Italian electronica. This cocktail has been guaranteed to successfully shake up dance floors since their beginnings on Japanese label Let’s Get Lost in 2011.

What’s striking about them is their ability to unearth retro feels of 70s and 80s music, manufacturing them with a modern and at times futuristic twist. They successfully strip down attractive song and film fragments to their raw, essential cores and package the whole into cohesive bouncy techno pieces.

To help us buckle up and take off, we’re looking forward to what promises to be so much more than a warm-up… Local deep house experts Hicky & Kalo will be throwing down their usual alluring beats and teaching us all a thing or two about groove. If, like us, you can’t get enough of them, catch them at their monthly residence at Salon, Nuits Sonores.


We’re lucky to have electronic music spaces and promoters that not only cater to the Sunday night blues, but transcend it completely to bring us to a different destination every time; for instance, flying us off to Italy over a groovy techno soundtrack. Lofthanza had been bringing about fresh air and sounds to our Sunday evenings for the past four and a half years, embracing music-lovers with warmth and melodic sensations.

Marvin & Guy’s layering of funky basslines, intelligent and creative sampling, synth grooves and constant sweeping rhythm makes for a hypnotic live experience. They’ve worked with fantastic labels, including John Talabot’s renowned Hivern Discs, DJ Tennis’ Life and Death record company, and their own feat, M&G Records.

They’re also innovative curators, as seen with their concept vinyl series released on KOMPAKT. Equation I, II & III comprise of “very special edits by “very special artists”. The artistic project rests on a mysterious and meticulous selection (the artists remain anonymous) and an ephemeral structure (each release was limited to 300 records with zero digital presence).

Along with the ever-so rhythmic DJ Tennis, the duo recently launched a promising project, Life of Marvin. Think of it as a sonic delivery of a crate digging session. The DJs/curators dish out obscure 90s Italian records that led towards the mid-90s local progressive techno scene. They just played their first show at Hivernacle Barcelona.

With the combination of the night’s line-up and the tried and true Lofthanza recipe, we can only look forward to the dance floor this Sunday. See you there!

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article by Lola