What to expect from the Anjunadeep takeover this Saturday at Société des arts technologiques [SAT]!

Five artists, five unique vibes, and a variety of sounds brought together for an unforgettable night. I’ve done some research on each of these amazing artists (you’re welcome)  16 Bit LolitasDom Donnelly Jody WisternoffKora, and Luttrell. Finding out a bit about each Performer has taken my excitement through the roof and into another dimension!! Read on for a mini bio and some track selections by yours truly!  Let’s get pumped up and shake our tail feathers this Saturday. Here’s to another classic night out in Montreal. 

16 Bit Lolitas

Brought to you by Ariaan Olierroock & Peter Kriek, established in Amsterdam, their seductive rhythms and sultry beats, morphed into a burst of euphoria. Their tunes force you to observe the life surrounding you. These fellas have a label featuring quality progressive acts, called Bits & Pieces. Quintessential Anjunadeep artists, present since 2008 with layered tracks and sharp production. Below 16 Bit Lolitas – Rainbows


Dom Donnelly

Established in London, we have an Anjunadeep artist with melodic tunes and progressive vibes. Dom Donnelly developed the Cubicolor project alongside his Dutch counterparts the 16 Bit Lolita boys.  Check out this great interview, by our friends over at When We Dip. The experimentalism in his tracks will be a deep explorative treat.  I’ve chosen a set on Anjunadeep radio.


Jody Wisternoff

Bristol bred Jody Wisternoff uses beautiful vocal samples with cosmic tones to illustrate his ambiances. Key member of the Anjuna crew and the 90’s rave scene in the UK.  Melodic, exultant and just what we need. Also, we have half of the Way out West duo with Husa Sounds personal favourite Nick Warren  ;). Below, track produced by Jody Wisterhoff – Trails we Blaze


Mysterious, yet memorable. Dark bass, upbeat tempos, definitely a MUST this Saturday. The crowd will be going wild for this talented artist.  Maybe he will let out some of his deepest darkest secrets in his organic textures and storytelling qualities in his sound. Below, track produced by Kora with local favourite  Nic Falardeau – Om Namah


San Francisco bred DJ part of the Anjunadeep label showcases his melodic techno. He’s played all over from Burning Man to the Gorge is hitting up every Anjunadeep tour location! Has become an instrumental member of the Anjunadeep fam, delivering breathtaking b2bs with Yotto Not to mention, Pete Tong started his first mix of 2017 with one of Luttrell’s Tracks! Below, track produced by Luttrell – Generate

If this hasn’t pumped you up, I don’t know what will. I am truly ecstatic to dance alongside my Montreal music-loving friends, old and new this Saturday…See you on the dance floor!   

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article by @Hellan