God doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. 

Halloween and the Abandoned parties carry the same foundations: defying and escaping reality for transient moment, surrounded by fellow wanderers in search of an excellent time.

Following the enchanting success of past parties, a stacked roster of music collectives has heard your prayers and are ready to bring you the latest instalment in the Abandoned___ series: Abandoned Church on Friday October 27th. These norm-shattering nights are here to carry you to new multi-sensory heights, catered by an alluring spread of local and international artists, riveting production, immersive art installations and dark gliding rhythms.

The unique aura of Abandoned has prevailed since 2012 for its attendees, organizers and performers, such as the deep and groovy Hamburg duo Adana Twins. Past locations, including a secluded boathouse, a textile factory and a boarding school, have all witnessed the organic fusion of sensory elements which makes these gatherings so special. Reception has been steadily growing, as word of the magical vibes of these nights and dawns ripples through the local electronic music scene. We’re ecstatic to see this community continue to trust us in guiding them out of their comfort zone and into misty high-quality evenings.


This time around, in the largest Abandoned___ to date, a 12-hour church service will be delivered in an evening of wonders where the only sin is normalcy. With its its high ceilings, glass-stained windows and deeply-rooted mysticism, this space seemed like the perfect sanctuary to welcome our favourite house and techno worshippers.

This special venue’s soundscape and atmosphere will be curated by a passionate team of various local collectives, congregating to channel their respective talents into two distinct rooms of audiovisual perfection. Attendees can expect breakthrough scenography, delightful reverberating acoustics and creative manifestations of sonic, visual, digital and live art. And of course, no moment suspended in time would be complete without the shake-up of a booming bass, deep grooves and techno chills, brought to you by the selection of a dozen artists ready to take you along on their trip.

We’ve worked hard to bring you a stellar and varied lineup full of artists ready to fill the two rooms with stirring beats and dancing bodies. We’re ecstatic to announce what promises to be a hypnotic performance by California based DJ Drumcell, founder of Droid Recordings and creator of industrial, horizon-expanding techno. Tone Depth will deliver booming soulful buildups and bursts, while Clarian feeds us all the melodic deep grooves we need. As always, local house and techno artistry will be present via magnetic performances by Atroxx, Van Did, Jimmy Be, D&D, Hicky & Kalo, Yann, Dez.1, Urubu, and Leohnart.

abandoned factory OCtober 2016
abandoned factory October 2016

So come get spiritual with us in the most welcoming underground you’ll find this Halloween.

If you’re hungry for rhythm, good – so are we: join us for the pre-party on October 20th at [ Click HERE for event ] 

article by Lola