A positive and unique shared experience can undeniably leave one walking away from a gathering with a lighter heart and a peaceful mind. The monthly Deep Therapy events tap specifically into this possibility, artfully balancing soulful deep house soundscapes, novel venues, a culture of healing through music and a welcoming underground vibe.

These unique immersive environments are brought on with passion by Sergio Pari, resident DJ, and Ali H, Deep Therapy co-founder and DJ – both Ottawa locals. When these guys – the therapists – throw an event, each ingredient is geared to maximize a multifaceted sonic, atmospheric, visual and social experience. For years, they have devoted themselves to invigorating the Ottawa electronic scene with deep and therapeutic quality beats. These transport the patients into a deliciously dark atmosphere in a deliciously unique location, offering a poignant respite from the mundane.

Sergio and Ali balance meticulously selected venues –such as a former Irish Catholic church and the Canadian Museum of Nature – and decors with a minimalist production, in order to allow the space’s potential to fully reach their audience in ways that will be personal and distinctive. The Albert Island warehouse represents a “large, blank, industrial canvas” serving as the perfect backdrop to “express [their] artistic goals” and invite patients to leave daylight and worries behind. The detachment of these alternative sites from predetermined mindsets and opinions, coupled with the dark and melodic undertones of the night, fosters an out of the ordinary transient and spontaneous experience.

This recipe’s proven itself to be successful, as seen with their ever-growing community of patients who come to dance and get inspired, comprised of locals and visitors alike.

One of these visitors is none other than Montreal master of transportive soulfully crafted sets Mike Haddad, who will be opening for the one & only Brian Cid (NYC) on Saturday. Mike’s phenomenal focus on the energy of the moment and people around him make him seamless addition to the Deep Therapy tableau and message. He’s demonstrated continuous conscientious efforts to establish connections with the crowd on a profound level, through groove-infused melodies that tell a different story every time.  We trust him to kick off the night with horizon-expanding sounds, adding to the raw emotion and therapeutic quality.

There are ample reasons not to miss this event, such as the mutual respect of these DJs for each other and for their patients, their talented musical constructions and their utmost dedication to crafting an out of ordinary, quality and nurturing experience. We look forward to the continuous expansion of their practice, both in Ottawa and hopefully in nearby cities such as Montreal and/or Toronto.

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Article by Lola