Today,  it cannot be denied that it is increasingly hard to produce “rave” or loft party type of events in Montreal. Many venues and organizations have halted such projects altogether and most of the events are continually held in the same places. Weekend after weekend, this city is filled with creative and passionate people who are ambitious about developing the rave and electronic music culture. These few continue to fight despite the various obstacles that exist. The demand for warehouse events is strong, each party is looking for the trilateral components of novelty, experience and innovation. In this particular context, Bacchanale, techno promoters that are well known for their progressiveness, have decided to return to the cinema studio where everything began for them. Here’s are a few words from the team:

‘’We often say that we are neither a club nor a promoting agency, but instead a movement; a creator’s dreams. This is really important to us as we want people to experience an atmosphere of happiness, dreams, and surprises. In 2017 there have been challenges that have made us look to our roots. With this in mind we are returning to the studio where it all started. We realize now that we need to return to our core values: To be sure that our venues are safe and that people can feel free once inside. We understand the venue thoroughly and are also planning a spectacular 180° visual for this event!”

As it turns out, Bacchanale invited RØDHÅD, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood in the same cinema studio two years ago.

“As freedom is our most important core value, initially we brought our project to life with the purpose of delivering electronic music outside of traditional club environments. We have kept this in mind and always strive to produce exclusive and custom experience design. The key to this experience is to offer a unique escapade of freedom without judgment which is exactly what you will find next week.”

Before starting the new season in September, the crew of Bacchanale decided to invite us for a double date as they stated, ‘’It is one last weekend to share everything together, taking attendees back to Studio Saint Ambroises and all the memories that come with it before starting a new approach for the new season in the fall ‘’.

The weekend is as follows:
On Friday June 16, new French prodigé Charles Fenckler will perform alongside Measure Divide, Zepha & Urumi.
On Saturday June 17, Konstantin Sibold will make his first performance ever in Montreal alongside Chiino, from 8day collective, Adam Husa & Debbie Doe.

Article by Andres & Bacchanale Team