Italian-born and Berlin-based DJ/Producer Lucy will be playing an enchanting 3 hour set at OCTOV‘s next rave on June 2nd. This master of ambient sounds regularly delivers breathtaking performances at clubs such as Berghain and Fabric, as well as renowned festivals worldwide. Lucy has been releasing some pretty astonishing records since 2009 on the label he founded, Stroboscopic Artefacts, which features releases from artists like Ben Klock, Perc and Marcus Suckut.

You will live this night-long musical journey within an immersive scenography. OCTOV’s solid resident SYLA, who you may have had the chance to hear playing before Anetha, Marcelus and Birth of Frequency, will be majestically closing the event. The newest member and resident Omar Hamdi  will  warm it up and will be followed by Romano Choukaleskou, from Montreal-based label Electro Nuit Records, who will deliver an exclusive live set.

We therefore foresee an amazing night, so if you want to be part of the lucky 275 people to live this 8 hour rave, we recommend grabbing your tickets quickly !

Click [ HERE ] for the event