We have known for a while now that Montreal’s electronic music scene has set the bar in quality, bookings and originality . Little did you know that right next door, in the renowned neighboring city of Ottawa, a team of creative and talented people have been bringing freshness and ingenuity to their events. Integrating mapping of unique visuals onto intricate structures while transporting the crowd through therapeutic sounds of deep and cutting edge house music.

sergio pari ali harb deep therapy ottawa canadian nature museum 2017

We have had the chance of attending one of their events at Mercury Lounge Ottawa and can sincerely say the atmosphere was nothing but unique and inviting, defying the ordinary. The feeling of an intimate vibe and releasing positive energy through the music. This is one of the best parties in Ottawa of this kind and only an hour away! This is why we are looking forward to having their tremendous energy in Montreal sometime soon.

sergio pari ali harb deep therapy ottawa canadian nature museum 2017

Luckily, they have recorded an exclusive set for Husa Sounds which happens to be the second in their Treatment mix series and we are especially excited to showcase it for all to listen and enjoy.

Now, arguably the best news of this all; they will be celebrating their anniversary event in the CANADIAN MUSEUM OF NATURE! Wait whaaaat? Yes it is happening and to those that are true fanatics of nature like us, this is the fusion we have all been waiting for. [ Find out more HERE ]

deep therapy ottawa nature museum